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    So, this is the start. I am currently 178lbs, 5'4" tall. By the current BMI, my score of 30.8 is borderline obese. Since I have a genetic heritage from Germany, Hungary, England, and Wales, I do have a bone structure that is quite robust, and tend to carry a lot of muscle, so I think I am merely overweight. My waist to height ratio of .52 seems to give credit to this theory. Previously, when I was in my mid-20's, I was as low as 125lbs, but I felt unhealthy, low in energy and it was during a time of stress, during which I often didn't feel like eating. I felt my best when I was closer to 135-140 lbs, when I was living at high altitude, hiking mountain paths, and skiing in the winters.

    Then I met my husband and started birth control, gaining weight steadily. We moved away to another province at a lower elevation, we were eating more junk food, and eating more starch because of lower income. At that point, around 2009 or 2010, my husband was diagnosed with diabetes, and I found MDA in an internet search. Thus began a slow, imperfect implementation of a primal lifestyle.

    At that time, we only stopped eating junk food, and reduced the use of grains, not cutting it completely. Then we moved again, to a third province, and it all went out the window for a bit.

    I got back into it, but for my truck-driving husband, it has been very difficult. We were still not fully primal, but working our way closer. Now this spring we had a leap forward. I did the 21 day challenge in January, and my husband got a much better job that allowed him to be home for dinner every night, and increased our income to allow confidence in our menu choices. My husband also got a scare with his diabetes, and a ED diagnosis points to a future with heart disease, so he's more committed than ever. I also stopped my birth control.

    I slip once in a while, like last night, when we went to the movies and I ate an entire bag of wine gums. Mostly, I'm finding following the rules closer easy enough, since I already loved many simple foods, so In the last 5 weeks or so, I've lost 10 lbs. It's not spectacular results, but I really have little to lose compared to many, and that is about 5% of my total weight.

    I have noticed that my monthly cycle has an impact on my weight loss. I weigh myself daily, which many frown upon, but my scientific-influenced curiosity won't let me leave it alone, and it is interesting to see small changes daily. Quite often, I would see a drop of fractions every day, then a stall leading up to the monthly event, and a gain for a few days, and then a drop within a day or two of the end. I wonder if others have noticed this?

    We haven't been eating pastured and organic, since it is so much more expensive, but maybe later this year, we'll be able to get a beef share, and pastured meats are becoming more available, even in the small town we live in. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing the rapid acceptance of fringe food culture into the mainstream, but it helps that we live in an area where there is a very strong food culture, even if it is vegetarian, and many people hunt as well.

    The longer I stick closer to the ancestral eating, the more I am convinced that it is the way that I am meant to go. Even if I do't get as much weight lost as I wish, the effect of the diet is improving my mental health. I feel more focused and able.

    Oh, and explaining Vargagirl, I had the good fortune to have a surname in my family tree that works as a reference to the Varga Girl pinups of the early Playboy era. They were always depicted as beautiful curvy girls, full of confidence and fun, comfortable in their own skins.
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    Welcome Vargagirl. The journey has to start somewhere. Thanks for sharing your start with us. Best of luck to you and your husband. Keep us posted on your experience.
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