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Thread: Pig trotter stock

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    Pig trotter stock

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    This week I made the usual chicken carcass stock in the crockpot - but added two pigs trotters to the bones / giblets etc. Cooked it for about 20 hours - and it is the MOST marvellous stock. I used the juice of a lemon, six bay leaves and about 10 black pepper corns. It is so solid - a jelly with attitude!

    I'm going to use it to make a butternut squash soup - lots of sage in the soup too. Yum!

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    Oh that sounds soooo good! I love the mouth feel that the trotters give the broth--chicken jello!!! Maybe make chicken jigglers?? lol! that soup sounds divine!!
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    Oh, thank you for this! I've seen these in the grocery store, and I just KNEW something wonderful could be made with them -- just wasn't sure what. I'm gonna run down to the store and get me some!
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