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    Homemade suspension training device

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    I think that TRX and similar suspension training devices are great for strengthening inner muscles. One thing I don't like is that TRX is quite pricey. Soo... I decided to make one myself.

    My version costs less than ~ 5$. You only need a PVC tube (for grip are) and a rope. Of course it's not as versatile as the original TRX but you can hang it on any bar or tree branch, set different heights, etc. For five $ it's more than good.

    In the video below you can see me performing different traditional body-weight exercises. It's easy to get a full upper body workout with those things.

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    Very nice, you can put rings on there too yeah? I hope your rope holds in the long run bud!

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    great job! thanks for sharing its very clever and you show that just about anyone can make one.

    be carefull of the rope degrading with time and breaking though. be mindfull that sunlight really degrades polymers.

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    repetition counter

    I need something that would count my repetitions…just can’t do multitasking.

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    Good video! I made my own too, when shopping Menards for the right rope I found the PERFECT one. 2" x 15' Tow Strap at Menards

    It is flat, 15 feet long and has 2 built in handles. I use a PVC pipe and string the rope through it. I drape the PVC pipe over a door, and can shut it. The ropes are then around 5.5 feet each, perfect for doing suspension activities in a doorway.

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    Wow, that is awesome! I have a friend who keeps lamenting that they don't put pullup stations in public places so people can take walks and stop to do a few pullups here and there. He could keep something like this in a fanny pack. And if I ever get strong enough, I can use my avocado tree in the middle of the deck for this.
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