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Thread: Diet for weightloss

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    Diet for weightloss

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    Currently running about 195lbs, seem to have gained about 10 lbs since going pb.

    In order to move to a more restricted diet which actually helps me stop binging, and lose my excess jiggle, what would you think of this as a daily diet. I am also considering skipping one of the 3 meals a day (randomly).

    4 egg omelette with chopped onion cooked in coconut oil
    4 egg scrambled eggs with butter

    Salad with 250g mackeral fillets in sunflower oil + 6 red pepperdew peppers

    450g Salmon roasted
    350g chopped veg roasted (onion, courgette, peppers, butternut squash)

    150g blueberries or raspberries


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    Looks like you have the right idea. What have you been eating up until now? What is your goal weight?

    Here are my suggestions. Don't have dessert every day. Use an oil for your salad that has more saturated fat and less PUFA. Extra virgin olive oil would be a good place to start; macadamia nut oil if you can handle the stronger flavour. On the days that you skip a meal, add a bit more protein and fat to your other two meals.

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    I've had a couple of bad days... I was eating a very regimented diet prior to going primal. It was essentially primal but with museli and fruit for breakfast, and rice/pasta once a week instead of fish and veg.

    The mackerals come in sunflower oil, i'll see if i can get one thats plain, and will try EVOO for a dressing. I'll drop the dessert to every other day, and make the other changes you've suggested. Thanks very much!

    I dont really have a set figure in mind, but would just like to remove my spare tire and hopefully see my abs

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