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    Hello Everyone!

    I wanted to post a link to our blog here:
    Rinse Clean - Rinse Clean Blog

    A little background on us: we are a Nutrition Coach/Nurse Practitioner husband/wife team, we believe in a completely natural, simple approach to health (nutrition, movement, sun, water, laughter, play, etc.), and we help people achieve their health goals through education, consultation, and support.

    I have been reading Marks Daily Apple since 2006, and it was after reading The Primal Blueprint for the first time many years ago that my wife and I finally understood how to look at food, eat, and be healthy. The natural part of movement and being outside just came natural to us, and made sense more than ever.

    I invite you to:
    Check out our blog: Rinse Clean - Rinse Clean Blog
    Like us on Facebook:
    Send us an email:

    Cheers to everyone, hope health and happiness are plentiful in your life
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    Where did you get the statistic that magnesium carbonate is so much more absorbable than magnesium chloride?

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