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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal Extravaganza page 2

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    Day 5:

    B: Spinach Omelet (no cheese)

    S: a bunch of cherries and some two strawberries

    2:30 - Began intermittent fasting. Temptations be gone!

    Exercise: Crossfit workout (intense 15 minutes)

    Musings: One of the most intense workouts I've had in a long time. Glad I started fasting; Who know what would have happened if I ate some food beforehand? yikes

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    Day 6:

    6:30 am - I broke my fast (breakfast!) with some chicken and and cherries

    L: Chicken and Spinach with a handful of almonds (finally finished the left overs today!)

    S: more spinach and almonds

    D: (I didn't have time to buy groceries for dinner so it comprised of...) 4 pickles, small bag of beef jerky, and a spinach omelet

    Exercise: walked for an hour and a half

    Musings: While I was walking, i saw a man propose and another couple actually get married. Crazy. I have a confession to make...I cheated my diet a little today. My friend gave me some chocolate covered cheesecake (for the record, it was smaller than a post-it note) when I came to visit him. I didn't want to be an impolite guest, so I ate it. I did decline the perogies he made though. That's about it today.

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    Day 6:


    B: spinach Omelet and cherries on the side

    L: Chicken kabob and piece of flank steak

    S: almonds

    D: chicken salad with cherries for dessert

    My body is starting to realize that this is all it's getting. I've been having more intense cravings for junk food. Must...hold...strong...

    Exercise: Rest Day

    Musings: I'm currently working on making my own hammock (It's gonna be asym.). I spend a few hours figuring out how a sewing machine works (the one I borrowed is from 1908!) and almost broke it twice. Took me forever to figure out how a bobbin works. Finally figured it out. Gonna get supplies monday or tuesday and finish it all of by thursday hopefully. fingers crossed. My body is still aching pretty hard from crossfit. That workout really really kicked my butt!

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    That meant to be day 7. Oops...

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    Day 8:


    B: Almonds and cherries

    S: almonds

    L: Spinach omelet and some smoked salmon

    D: buffalo steak

    S: dark chocolate bar and almonds

    Exercise: Rock climbing

    Musings: Cravings are becoming more pronounced. It's getting harder to deal with it. I think I ate more than I intended because of my junk food urges. I gave in today and had a big ol' chocolate bar. It was a good reprieve. I think my body is starting to realized that it's not just a temporary thing. I'm going to separate myself from these temptations the best I can. Tricky little buggers...

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    Congratulations for keeping with PB. My best friend against cravings has been the introduction of saturated fats. Cook your morning omelette with coconut oil (a good teaspoon). That would help I think. Good luck!


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    I second what murat said, when you get the crazy cravings, just have something with good fats. A nice piece of meat or something sauted in coconut oil... You'll be pleasantly surprised. Oddly, I've found that nuts don't have the same effect

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    If only I didn't forget to post yesterday! It might have helped out. yesterday was an utter defeat. My eating habits went haywire . Now i'm back on track

    day 9:

    B: omelete

    L: Burger (no bun) and salad

    D: left over burger meat and PIZZA (curses!)

    S: a bit of ice cream

    exercise: break day

    I think I'm too strict with my diet so my body retaliates with these cravings. I'll try to ease in a bit.

    Day 10:



    L:Spinach and onion omelet (my favorite food!)

    S: pine nuts

    S: some dark chocolate and smoked salmon

    D: Meatloaf (primal recipe)


    Rock climbed for 3 hours

    today was much better. Good idea with the nuts. I ate a bunch and cravings are much easier to deal with!

    Day 10:

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    Primal Blueprint Expert Certification

    Day 11:


    B: spinach omelet

    L: almonds and pine nuts

    D: Another spinach omelet

    Exercise: being lazy (i.e. nothing)


    I'm starting to lose motivation. I lack the luster I had in the beginning of the challenge. Mentally, it's tough. I'm beginning to feel drained. I'm being overwelmed with all the other stuff I have to do. Also, I think it has to do with the novelty/originality of the diet. I think I might be getting bored with it. Regardless, I need to stay strong and have more discipline. It's not about being's about making a commitment and changing it slowly and steadily.

    I'm going to make a better effort with sleep. I thought i could run on only 7 hours, but I guess not with all the exercising and dieting I've been doing. My goal for the next week is to sleep 9 hours a day. Hopefully, this will leave me with more energy! keep on keeping on...

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