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Thread: Primal but worsening lab results!

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    Primal but worsening lab results!

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    I've been following the Primal Blueprint very stringently for the past 3 months. After starting the plan, I went off of my statin/niacin regime. I've recently had a panel of blood labs taken, with poor results. Comparing pre (just before starting primal) to post primal, my total cholesterol went fro 220 to 310 (fasting tests), my HDL stayed at 42, my blood glucose stayed at 105 (fasting) which is elevated, my C- reactive protein was 1.9 (1.0 max normal).

    I compare this to when I went on a strictly vegan diet. My total cholesterol went to 160 with HDL ~40. I was on a lot of grains back then.

    I suppose I should have my LDL fractionated. But these results are disturbing.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? My doc wants to resume statin/niacin. I'm inclined to agree.
    What can cause an elevation in C-reactive protein other than vascular inflammatory state? Is exercise a cause? I've been doing some heavy weight lifting.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    well i can't find my links to some of the doc. that are saying not to worry with cholesterol...too much anyways...but depending on how you feel, what your ldl's were, i would think that number is better than before.

    i'll let more people chime in, but if you are feeling better/more energy then i wouldn't worry too much with the number game...

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    If you read Good Calories Bad Calories especially wrt the heart disease section, the real studies out there show that those numbers are not really indicative of heart disease or your chance of a heart attack. Read it and educate yourself, it was quite enlightening. However, convincing your doctor of that may be a different story.

    I do remember that one result though is that going on some medications does reduce chance of heart attacks either way - it may just not be because it's lowering cholesterol - could be some other unknown factor.

    The way I say it it sounds like a load of bull, but read the book. Fascinating and in-depth.

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