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Thread: New 180 degree post today

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    i keep reading because i do think he is onto something. he is willing to read like ever study in existence and report about it, test himself as an experiment....that's crazy and much more than most people here would do. most would like to 'sit back and wait' for the finale. i know i wouldnt use myself as a test rat going from ZC, to fasting, to a fruit diet to a raw milk diet... i mean yikes.

    one thing about his conclusions though, he is a healthy individual, with an obviously strong body/immune system and his conclusions arent exactly going to benefit to many people. had he ever 'suffered' anything and could draw off that it would be better(not that i think he should get sick lol)

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    Low-carb diets, for example, raise catecholamines really well, suppress your appetite, burn fat like crazy with no lean losses, and can make you feel tremendously amazing with great mental focus and energy. But people often get seduced by these great feelings, and with the panacea attributed to low-carb diets that's given by low-carb and now Paleo authors and health educators, people do low-carb diets until they hit the plateau of all plateaus and feel like absolute crap - often with health problems like food allergies, horrendous athletic performance, insomnia, and digestive problems - not to mention an uncanny ability to gain weight at the end of that rainbow.

    This could all be called "negative metabolic adaptation" to anything that keeps catecholamines constantly elevated, which includes low-calorie diets with no reprieve or "re-feed," low-carb diets without "carb cycling" (eating a big, high-carbohydrate meal once every 2-3 days), overexercising (particularly long-duration cardio without enough rest days), and so forth.
    They go on to recommend Rob Faigin's Natural Hormone Enhancement. Does anyone have any experience with that?

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    I don't have experience with it, but when I looked up his site it wasn't about supplementing with natural hormones from what I could grab. It was about optimizing them naturally (exercise, diet, ect...)

    Just thought I would clear that up

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    Quote Originally Posted by rphlslv View Post
    Really guys? You want to live 100+ years while eating a miserable amount of food? What kind of life is that.

    Who said you must eat a miserable amount of food with IF? I can easily put away 2500 calories in one sitting when doing IF. Secondly, food does taste better and give greater pleasure when you eat after building up the hunger inside. This experience is very similar to other human experiences, putting off something to receive a greater reward later by building up the tension.

    How miserable would it be living to 100 eating 6 puny meals a day while not experience any real tension, any real hunger..just small meals all day, sucking the time out of your life and making eating an all day entertainment thing like TV and internet to fill the void?

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    Yes I like 180 degree health. I disagree with him on his approach to weight loss since there is an obvious window of opportunity for very low carb being super affective and so it would make sense to recommend a month or so of low carb followed by his overfeeding thing. Usually people balloon up for a month eating tons of carbs and calories for the first month so if that month can be spent getting nutrition up and reducing inflammation, it will likely have a better effect. Theoretically anyway.

    I will admit to being part of the "Matt Stone is a douchebag" camp for a little bit and then being won over. Heh.
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