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    Taking my life back....

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    I am a mom of two. Overweight more like OBESE. I weigh 88kgs for 164cm. Huge...and i am not happy.
    I have been waiting for the "right moment" since forever and barelt have any time for myself being a full time working person and mom of two toddlers.
    I am really hitting rock bottom these days and i guess all the junk i have been eating is keeping me there...I need to stand up and start from somewhere. So i read a thread about this thing called paleo that i have absolutely no knowledge about....and read some more and more and well...i am convinced to give it a shot... i CANNOT be on a diet... i get hungry... and i need to EAT when i am hungry or else i become pretty agressive this "eat when u are hungry" sounds good to me.....and i like meat and i m not really a grain person. ( i am a cheese addict though...)..

    I have no clue where to begin nor what to do ... i am writing this here not sure i will be read. there is a huge amount of information and i m about to get lost so any help can be great !

    my goal : i want to lose 15-20kgs come July.
    I weight lift and i m a yogi. I have a personal trainer and am now registered at a gym. these are the first steps i took. This is my goal WEIGHTLOSS and BETTER FEELING!


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    Welcome. You've come to the right place. Read all you can here on Marks Daily Apple about Primal eating and the Primal lifestyle. If you are obese, be sure to look up "leptin reset" on this site, and also the "carb curve". Following the carb curve, guage your carb intake according to where you think you need to be. While you are studying and becoming familiar with the Primal Blueprint, cut out all grains, legumes and simple sugars. Good luck. Hope you stay with us.
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