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Thread: I know there's a fit me in here somewhere!

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    Jul 2010

    I know there's a fit me in here somewhere!

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    Hey guys,
    I stumbled across Mark's Daily Apple through my mom around new year's. Since then I've successfully lost a bunch of weight (almost painlessly!). Besides feeling lighter, I'm also feeling less bloated, and my skin looks better.

    But...that can only go so far. I'd like to start up on the physical aspect of living paleo, so I'll be hanging out a bunch in the physical fitness area.

    Anyway, hi guys!

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    Apr 2010
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    Hi! Welcome to the MDA Forum!

    You will find A LOT of useful information inside the fitness area of this very forum. I personally do a very effective and short lift heavy things workout. The exercises are push-ups, pull-ups, squats. It takes a total of 12 minutes each time. I did a video on it just a while back. You can view it here: Simple Primal Fitness Workout: Lift Heavy Things.
    Find me at Cheers!

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