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Thread: Inagadda Davida's Primal Journal

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    Inagadda Davida's Primal Journal

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    Yay, I love this idea.

    The stats:
    40 year old woman
    On July 1, weighed in at 200 lbs.
    Last weighed self on July 10, was 195.

    I've been officially primal since July 1, 2010.I have had a bit of low carb flu (or maybe it's just the pounding heat).

    Me, before primal, tried several diets including those that 'limited' carbs but didn't cut them out completely. I was a complete failure at these and would end up back to my old ways: chocolate americano and bagel + cream cheese for breakfast, sandwich for dinner, throw in a cookie or other treat here or there, maybe another coffee with cream and sugar, end with a big carb-based dinner. Oh and yes, dessert please.

    Now, my body feels at peace, I feel like I've gotten off a 40 year long roller coaster. I no longer crave and go hours without eating or even thinking of food. Desserts don't interest me. I'm not obsessed with food. When I do eat, I get fully satisfied and love the meals. In any case, I feel like a completely different person now. I'm eating so much less food, have not had a coffee drink (had to stop coffee altogether because I don't like it without sugar), feel so much better that when I walk by a mirror I'm honestly surprised that I'm still fat, because I don't feel like I'm eating like a fat person anymore!

    I have increased my fitness (I was the opposite of a gym rat), have started taking more walks with my 19mo baby and my 11yo son and my dog (finding an excuse to walk whenever I can), I already work at a stand up station, have been playing racquet ball at the gym with my 11yo son, have tried one sprint workout on the spin bike (whew!) and basically have wandered around the gym wondering what to do to "Lift Heavy Things"

    Why I'm doing this
    My aunt recently died of diabetes. My mother recently got diagnosed with diabetes and my cousin is on her way. My mother also has high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Most of all, she is wheelchair bound with a combination of severe obesity and osteoarthritis.

    After my last baby, I have had so many problems losing the weight. I tried intermittent fasting, etc. but the pounds kept coming on. I hit 200. My joints were starting to get sore which REALLY FREAKED ME OUT because of my mom and I read somewhere that wheat can be a problem for arthritis. I DO NOT want to be in a wheelchair and obese. No no no no no no no. That's why I'm here. I hope that by the time I hit 45 I'm in the best shape of my life and I stay that way for as long as possible.

    This is the first diet/eating plan/whatever that I feel I can stick with because, even though I'm only 10 days into it, I have quit other diets long before that 10 days is up. I do not feel deprived and I love the way I feel and I love the food.

    I am in this for the long haul.

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    July 12

    Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled in butter with zucchini and onion. 1 apple
    Lunch: Some roast chicken with skin and a small handful of walnuts (about 6 halves)
    Dinner: got home too late for dinner, decided to skip it.

    Primal fitness: Went and played an hour of racquetball with my husband. We laughed a lot and it was a chaotic game as we are neither of us real players plus he's blind as a bat without his glasses. Play!
    - Took 30+ minute walk with the dog.

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    July 13

    Looked up my basal metabolic rate at

    "Your basal metabolic rate is 1525 calories per day. Your total energy requirements are 1830 calories per day." (I chose lightly active)

    This is a bit depressing - I can eat a LOT more calories than that in a day, easy! I guess that's why I'm packing about 70-80 extra pounds though, right? So I figure if I keep my average daily calorie expenditure under 1500 I should be able to lose pounds.

    Yesterday's diet analysis:
    cals 893 carbs 26

    My joints are very sore after yesterday. I'm wondering if I should take glucosamine or something to help with sore joints for a while.

    As I had a negligible lunch and no dinner I was pretty full on hungry by 6:30am but didn't eat til 8:30am. The hunger was actually a refreshing feeling. Real hunger is not something I experienced very often when eating carbs. Only the shakes and sugar crashes and cravings for more food. I consider this another small victory.

    Breakfast - 1 piece of bacon
    2 eggs fried
    (220 cals, 1 carb)

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    Jun 2009
    The title of your thread caught my eye so I stopped by to say Hi. Nice to see a journal for ya!

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    July 14

    PMSing real bad - in a black black mood. Was secretly hoping the diet would help with that.

    On the other side of things, I hit the success stories on the website - especially inspired by Diana's transformation (first one with pictures)

    boy I have plenty of before pictures to post once I start seeing dramatic changes. I also keep dreaming of buying adorable clothes. I'm such a girl.

    Yesterday final analysis approximately 1503 calories, 31.5 carbs
    I made the Moroccan Chicken Casserole recipe from the website. It was good but I wanted bolder flavors. May double the spices next time. Other than that, yum yum!

    Fitness - rest day. Did nothing.

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    Ohhh, milestone today. I picked up a heavy cast iron pan in my left hand and got no complaints from my elbow. Has the inflammation gone? My right index finger still very sore and painful though.

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    No one likes my journal, it's never sticky or bold in the forum threads <pout!!!!>

    So, I weighed myself this morning. My scale is TERRIBLE (I really need to replace it) but I got these three readings: 193.8, 192.2 and 191.8.

    So I'm somewhere in there. Definitely weight loss since July 1 where I weighed in at 200 pounds, WEEEEE HOOOOOO!

    Yesterday's diet: approximate 1020 calories, 28.61 carbs
    I only had breakfast, lunch and snack, no dinner. I really wanted to have dinner as I feel I may be going too low on the calories (either that or I'm not calculating my calories right) but I just wasn't hungry and I wasn't going to force myself. My husband wasn't happy. I did start to feel hungry around 9:30 or so, but that was bedtime - too late to eat.

    Maybe on days where I plan to eat more I should start a bit earlier.

    Yesterday I took a long walk with the dog with the baby on my back. That's 25 pounds of baby plus handling a big dog, so it felt like a workout trust me! My plan is tomorrow to get into the gym to do a lift heavy things workout (can't do it today, too much other stuff going on).

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    OK so this is the TMI post. I just went through a week of PMS and my period. The PMS was really horrible except it wasn't accompanied by my usual cravings. My hunger level was up a bit more, and even though it's near the end of my period my hunger has increased more than when I started. Like right now, I ate only a little while ago (a lot of kale sauteed with bacon, and a jalapeno popper (picked jalapeno stuffed with chevre and wrapped in bacon and fried) and for breakfast I had homemade quiche. But I'm pretty darn hungry still, and have been like this for days whether or not I eat a lot of veggies or a lot of meat, a lot of fat or what.

    I weighed in at 192.4 so my weight has pretty much not budged. Hopefully I'll see some downward trend next week.

    Anyway, PMS was terrible emotionally, I was hoping that the diet would help stabilize hormones. Maybe it will over time. But, as I said before I didn't have the cravings usually associated with it, so that was good (I guess)? I still felt a little bloated and gained some weight.

    First two days of my period were really interesting. I had no cramps whatsoever, a first! Definitely a wonderful advantage. However, the (TMI alert) flow was completely different! Much redder and thinner? Like actual real blood than the 'period' blood I was used to. I also felt like hell, completely wiped out and weak. I may have actually been fighting a sickness, who knows, but I actually missed two days of work and had to lay on the couch all day long. I would have thought I was being anemic, but usually when I am eating some red meat and dark greens helps, and I can also tell because my skin will be devoid of color. But I was rosy cheeked and eating didn't help, just felt awful and wiped out. As I said, maybe I was fighting something else, maybe my body is just still adjusting to the diet. I won't make any more judgment til I go through my next period and see how I feel.

    Anyway, that's where I'm at. I just can't wait to see the 180s...and the 170s...and the...

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    Also, other thoughts. I notice that at night I am just dehydrated like crazy. I wake up in the middle of the night with an absolutely sticky dry mouth regardless of how much I may have drank during the day. Normal?

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    OK, I just read in another forum that dairy and nuts can stall weight loss in women and I've definitely upped both of those in the past week when of course I haven't loss any weight. Starting today I will lower those again, try coconut milk in my coffee (great idea) and kick the handful of nuts for lunch. Too bad because I found them really filling/satisfying but I know once I get to my goal weight I can do such things again

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