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    Question Paleo College Student - Options and Quality

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    I'm a second semester college student with a meal plan for nearly all of my meals, which means I am pretty limited. Everything they cook is cooked in veg oil, and all the meat is factory farmed. They have some organic eggs and veggies and a salad bar, which I live off of, but I really need some meat. I was really hungry last semester avoiding it. Do you think eating factory farmed meat and food cooked in veg oil is okay for a semester? Do you know if some schools let you request food be cooked in coconut or avocado oil? I don't want to seem rude... I've been paleo for a few years because I'm gluten and lactose intolerant and I just feel better - but I don't have any sensitivities or allergies.

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    Cafeteria can be rough--I'm sure the contractor running it does not have good oil on hand. What does the meat look like? If it's roasted chicken or beef without breading I would shake off any dubious broth and make do. Factory farming is unfortunate but the difference shouldn't impact health too badly. If the salad bar includes deli meats you could use small amounts for some protein if it's not too sketchy.

    If there's nothing suitable I would stock up on canned seafood elsewhere, or frozen if you have means to store & cook it.

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    Paleo College Student - Options and Quality

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    If you have diagnosed food intolerances, get a note from your doctor and try getting off the meal plan.

    You can also buy canned wild fish to supplement the eggs. Might be better than nothing, and you get a bit of good fats too.

    Assuming you're in a dorm, can you sneak in a slow cooker?

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