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    There's an obvious physical difference. Your body's just rearranging itself. Keep it up and the weight'll go the way it needs to. I was stuck for a solid 3 weeks oscillating between 125 and 126 lb (on a small framed 5'2" woman.) I went on vacation for 5 days and came back to find that I'd gotten down to 119- 120 oscillation. Just give it time and eat right. Eat PB when you're hungry, stop when you aren't, and move around. Sounds to me like you're on the right path.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndreAnna View Post
    Thanks guys! I know that feeling good should trump it all but as a woman at over 200 pounds, it just doesn't. I have no intention of changing anything because of how I do feel and of course I'd rather be 214 and feel good than 214 and feel shitty like I did eating sugars and grains.

    My clothes fit better but aren't any looser yet - they just look better on my body. I'm lucky that because I'm built tall and muscular that I carry the 214 well but I worry about the long-term effects of carrying around so much weight for so long, on my heart and my joints, supplements or not, as well as the metabolic response.
    My advice to you: throw out the scale. Make a production of it. Take a sledgehammer to it. The scale is the worst measure of health ever invented. Ditch it.
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    Those damn scales like to mess with us, that's for sure. I think you look fantastic and that the scale will fall in line with the rest of the indicators of your tremendous progress - it will probably just be the last indicator to do so. Keep it up!

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    I can't get over your pictures! Throw away your scale RIGHT NOW and just take pictures - you look completely different (and fabulous)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griff View Post
    My advice to you: throw out the scale. Make a production of it. Take a sledgehammer to it. The scale is the worst measure of health ever invented. Ditch it.
    +1 The scale can be an evil master. Found myself getting hung up on it again (the one at the gym) and am now totally avoiding it. Hasn't been one in my home in 16 yrs.

    There is a major diff between your two pics, and while the scale (soon to be destroyed) may not be budging, your body comp obviously is.

    And, as much as it doesn't fit the 'ideal,' I'm trying to embrace those German-genes (my dad is Deutschland born and raised, too, and my mom is Hungarian -- double whammy). This is something you seem to have done, judging by having a realistic and healthy goal weight. Madchens like us are strong and built like it and that's cool.

    Keep it up... you're definitely on your way.

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    Oh my gosh! AndreAnna you have already changed so much! After your very visible improvements, I am just bummed that you're being hard on yourself about the weight itself. You keep what you're doing, you'll keep visibly seeing improvements AND the number on the scale will start to drop. But the number? It's just a number. I KNOW as a woman, the focus on the number. But instead of beating yourself up, look at your pictures. And focus on how much better you FEEL.
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