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    vff's & free's are totallly different I own both. Im still afraid to run in my bff's. the frees are great though
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    I went rucking in my vff last night. i did 2 miles on flat ground .5 miles up ridge .5 down the ridge. pretty good for first ruck no pain today other then legs being tired. I am trying to get in shape to go to Special Forces selection.

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    I haven't had too much trouble going back and forth between VFF and other shoes. When I have to wear running shoes, I've been using Addidas Adizero which are extremely lightweight and fairly flexible. As for boots, the adjustment is a little more apparent but not too bad.

    Also, I've spoken to some folks in Regiment and they are allowed to wear their VFF to PT. Are you in Regiment or a different unit? I did have a problem with VFFs at my last OES course. The command complained about them and they got nixed. On my own time, I was "allowed" to change out of IPFU and into civilians and then put on VFFs to work out.

    In my current unit, I got them approved through the Brigade CSM. His policy is that they could be used like the tan t-shirt while deployed. Good for PT, no go for the chow hall and walking around.

    Also I saw someone else reference socks. Granted this is a minor point, but check AR 670-1 and socks are not required. They are an accessory commonly worn with the IPFU but not required. That one blew my BN CSM's mind and he emailed Army G1. Still not required.

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    Just got an email forwarded to me from FORSCOM saying vibrams are now a no-go in PTs

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    Just need to give it some time. CW regarding PT in the military is dying a slow death. As things like crossfit, kettlebells, and the TRX find their way into regular sessions, attitudes towards footwear are also changing.

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    As I learned in my 8 years despite the best of intentions our military is still stuck in the 1950's when it comes to PT. I know they've made changes in regards to the focus on core strength but lets face it, It will be years and millions of dollars wasted on bs studies that are always in favor of the current senior leadership feels.

    Like the Senior NCO said, just wear them as much as you can. I find it better to ask for forgiveness later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arikara6 View Post
    Just got an email forwarded to me from FORSCOM saying vibrams are now a no-go in PTs
    Dude that sucks. Sounds like some of the research out there in regards to barefoot and minimalist running needs to be passed on to some folks.


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