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Thread: Nutrient-dense food from a micronutrient-adjusted garden for maximal health

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    Smile Nutrient-dense food from a micronutrient-adjusted garden for maximal health

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    The first thing that attracted me to the MDA site was a post that talked about eating a more nutrient-dense diet. It makes so much more sense than worrying about removing things from your diet! But you cannot get nutrient-dense food without nutrient-dense land.
    I am presently reading a book titled, "The Intelligent Gardener". It discusses a methodology for analyzing more than just the macro-nutrients that mainstream agriculture focuses on, and rounding out the nutrient profile of the soil to grow healthier, more nutrient-rich vegetables. It is based on the teachings of William Albrecht (Healthy Soils, Healthy People: the Legacy of William Albrecht ).
    The basic premises seem pretty straightforward. Plants, like people, benefit from an optimal mix of nutrients and micronutrients, and the animals or people that eat them will benefit in turn. If your grass-fed beef comes from cows that ate nutrient-dense grasses, it is bound to carry more nutrients. I think this deserves greater attention.
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