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    gimmicks for long and healthy life

    Here are few of mine.
    I follow them and i am doing well.

    I am taking NAC recently, it does me good.
    Combination with Glycine and Vitamin C.

    Use the potatoes hack if weight goes up. That is the most
    efficace way i ever encountered. Also weight stays off after.
    Perfect for the last push before the right weight.
    Currently stable at 128 lbs for 5,10.

    Eat enough.
    at the time i use to do diets,
    there was always something suffering due to the lack
    minerals/vitamins/basic calories.
    Skin, hair, stomach, humor..
    Eating enough and intuitively works great for me. and enough means at list 2000 calories a day and that being a
    strict minimum, often more, i should say 2500 daily. No low carb.
    No any cravings at all. Cake? I eat it.
    Matt Stone got something right, my body temperature since i
    eat like that is around 98, which feels good. Never cold,
    no cold hands and feet.

    Exercise.. i hate exercising, but i love walking and once in while(twice a month)
    very heavy weights(the maximum i can bear).

    Any other ideas?
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    My top ones:

    -Don't go to doctors
    -Don't take prescription medications
    -Don't take over-the-counter medications
    -Follow the "Hygiene Hypothesis"
    -Eat as close to paleo as possible
    -Have a beer or 3 on the weekends...there, I said it!
    -Exercise, eh, hit and miss but I do pretty good
    -Stand as much as possible at work, I have a standing desk that I cobbled together
    AKA: Texas Grok

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    Lately i am trying to find a comfortable
    rhythm of eating, one that also corresponds to my large appetite as
    there are very few things that made more unhappy then not eating enough.
    Vey large lunch and not so large dinner seem to be fine with no
    weight fluctuations. Very large lunch could be for example big( 1/2 lbs) chunk of
    home made bread, meat and veggies stew,salad and dessert, large serving of
    crumble or lately 2 pieces of a beautiful from starch french toast with confiture.

    The truth is that i feel great when i eat a lot.
    Fantastic energy, good sleep, skin looking wonderful and i am 40 years old
    woman who rarely does a physical exercise excluding walking.
    As i said in the previous post, in case i start gaining , i do the potatoes hack
    for few lunches or dinners , never both at the same day and
    all goes back to normal.
    Height 5,10 , current weight 130 lbs, which where is was all my 20s
    with no dieting.
    ah, I've been using liquid Ubiquinol on my skin with visible improvement
    on my skin..

    Does anyone takes supplements that have an obvious benefice effect?

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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
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    -Be lucky enough to have long-lived ancestors.
    -Moderation isn't a dirty word. No need to exercise too much or too little, be too thin or too fat, be too strict or too lax.
    -D3 because I prefer the in to the outdoors, and B12 because I can feel the difference in energy. I take others on occasion, but those are the two I feel.
    -Read, do puzzles, stay engaged, don't be a stranger to coconut or MCT oil - all for the brain.
    -Take an occasional sloth day.
    -Take a walk. Engage with your neighborhood. Appreciate the architecture. Feel the fresh air on your face. Watch out for cars, which in some cities will very much engage your brain.
    -Laugh a lot; and this very much includes laughing at myself.
    -Sleep. On sloth days, this might even include a nap in a cool room wearing a sleep mask.
    -Eat for pleasure and health.
    "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


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