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Thread: Carb question.

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    Carb question.

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    Hello all. I am new here. I just bought the Primal Blueprint and am about 1/2 way through and a question keeps running through my mind. Mark talks about eating 100-150 grams of carbs a day, perhaps below 100 for accelerated weight loss. Doesn't the amount of carbs depend upon the weight of the person consuming them...a 200 lb. man has different caloric requirements than a 120 lb. woman. Wouldn't the amount of carbs also differ? I haven't found the answer in the book so far and I am hoping someone here can help answer my question.

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    Yeah it definitely does have to do with weight. But I would generally say that if you are around 150-200, then staying under 100 should be fine. If you are more, then maybe you can up your carbs, but you would still be fine and keep the intake to about 100, and it would actually be beneficial to your weight loss to keep the carbs down anyways.

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    150 grams of carbs is more than enough for a 200 lb man. anything above 150 a day, regardless of your weight, is asking for trouble.

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