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    I went on the coolest " field trip" today....

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    My Hubby and I took a drive about 25 miles west of our Home to a Grassfed beef family farm to visit their farm store and raid their freezers.... OMG. What an amazing place. Their home is on the property along with 65 acres of Certified Organic pastures where the cows graze openly among the sunshine and eat. 2 of 3 of their pastures are now Certified Organic with the 3rd set to be this fall. I left a Hundred Bucks with my local economy, got a great tour and enjoyed chatting with the farmers. If you ever really wanted to know how it's done RIGHT, visit a Grassfed Beef Farm one day..... My Haul for my money was:

    2 pks Beef Liver
    2 rib eyes
    4 cube steaks
    2 packages burger patties
    a package of beef sausage
    2 packages of stew beef
    5 packages of Ground Beef.

    It was my version of a near perfect day. Every Kid in America should get to visit such a place, and know that the golden arches is not where your hamburger comes from.

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    Putting this on the list of things to do with the kids before school starts.
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    We currently live about an hour from Joel Salatin's Polyface farms. We can get their eggs and some other produce in the health food store here, and someday very soon we are going to go there on a field trip. This makes me want to go there tomorrow! Yummm!

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    that sounds so awesome! Living in texas, i am surrounded by beef raisers.....Ive looked online and found some in small towns not 30 minutes away. I really need to get out there!

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    Probably the most fun I have had in the last couple months was hanging out with the chickens on the farm I get my eggs from. Seriously, I felt bad for the owner of the property and finally left, but I could have propped myself up with a good book on the hill and hung with the chickens all day! Gratz on your freezer candy!

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    We love to visit our farm as well. One of my best friends owns the place so I can visit it whenever I like. The kids came with me last time I went to help butcher chickens. They understand the process that "meat" comes from animals. I know a lot of veg*ns claim that once you explain to kids that meat comes from real animals they won't want to eat it- certainly isn't the case w/ my kids- I don't sensationalize it though.

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    I love visiting my farms and butchers. It's one of my favorite things to do.

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