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    Dark Chocolate is making me sick

    Hey All,

    About 6 months ago, I started waking up in the middle of the night pretty much every other day, sweating, heart racing, dizzy, with difficulty breathing. At one point, I ended up in the ER. I had complete blood work done, and everything was normal. I tested food allergies, and nothing came back showing any problems.

    I decided to try eliminating certain foods I was eating to see if I can pinpoint the problem. I should note here that I have been following a primal lifestyle for about a year now, and felt great otherwise.

    Long story short, I realized that the 20-30 grams of 85-88% dark chocolate (either Ghirardelli or Endangered Species) that I was eating daily was causing these midnight episodes. So I stopped eating it, and the problem went away.

    A few months have passed since then. The other night, I made a smoothie and decided to try putting in a tbsp of raw cacao powder. Big mistake. Woke up an hour after I went to bed with the same symptoms. Sweating, barely breathing, heart racing, and feeling a bit dizzy.

    Has ANYBODY experienced ANYTHING like this with dark chocolate? I feel alone in the world...

    ~ Henry

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    Nope. Dark chocolate fuels my body.

    But I don't eat it before bed.

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    Sounds like panic attacks, and you're probably, for some odd reason, honing in on dark chocolate as the culprit. Try less dark or fuck it, don't eat it anymore.
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    Do you have any other form of caffeine on a regular basis? While chocolate doesn't have a extreme amount, some people are hyper sensitive to it. It is also possible to be allergic to caffeine.

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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    Too much chocolate in candy form, whether dark or mainstream, can give me heartburn. But I haven't noticed it when adding cocoa powder into shakes, ice cream, or chili. I just figured I was getting older and that some foods are going to start being a bit tougher on my digestion.
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    Sounds like your body is reacting to *something*, and it seems to be in the chocolate. I wouldn't cut it out completely though. Maybe change the times you eat it, or reduce it to a weekly thing.

    Are you going vlc?
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    Yeah, panic attack or a Nocebo response is the most likely;

    Nocebo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Signs of a Chocolate Allergy | LIVESTRONG.COM
    Article Print
    Chocolate Allergy | New York Allergy and Sinus Centers

    Your symptoms sound like those described in the links above. I can not eat chocolate and did a fair amount of research on what was going on with me to find a possible answer. Sometimes (not always, but 50% or higher) eating 'good' chocolate makes me sick in minutes. Feverish, aches, sweats and running to the bathroom for full outage. I can actually feel the chocolate move through my system as it hits each organ. Very unpleasant.

    Like you've experienced most people just said it was in my head (despite the evidence in the toilet) or I must me allergic to something else or some additive in the chocolate. My experience though was the less fine the chocolate lower the chance of an attack. Mark put up this blog about mycotoxins

    Dear Mark: Reader Issues, Chocolate Toxins, Chipotle’s Revelations, plus Red Meat and Diabetes Redux | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple

    some supporting links:

    Continuous monitoring needed for aflatoxins in chocolate

    Turns out I'm sensitive to the molds that can grow on chocolate during the aging and fermentation process. I didn't take it much past that, I'd already stopped eating chocolate, it just provided some reason for what had been a lifetime of experience for me.


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    I would also look into sensitivities to caffeine. Dark chocolate is the only thing I find hyperpalatable and I cannot stop myself from eating a whole bar at once and ending up sick. One thing I notice is that when I have too much I have strange mood swings the next day.

    This is why some people in this world have warned against large quantities of dark chocolate in the diet.

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    If I have a lot of very dark chocolate at once I can sometimes trigger a slightly unpleasant buzz which leaves me jittery and too full of energy.

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