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    Red Dragon meets Grok . . .

    Primal Fuel
    Step 1. Start the journal
    Actually its more like step 10 or so. I've been lurking around for a couple of weeks reading the stories and journeys so many people have been on, and felt inspired, encouraged and quite frankly amazed at how huge the community is here.
    So here is my journey - so far a short one but lets hope its forever. I found MDA mentioned on Mr Money Moustache (an awesome blog site about frugality). After reading some info I did the MMM thing and got Marks book out if the library - it took a bit to read but what a discovery, it made sense to me and for the first time ever ( after many years of trying diet after diet) something clicked in me and I not only felt compelled to try going Primal but after 3 weeks I am still going - it normally only takes about 10 days before I'm done with diet changes and I stop. I have been mostly grain free for about 2 months now as I decided bread was too expensive and stopped buying it. So I had been gradually cutting more and more grain/wheat based products out. After reading TPB I decided that I was done with ALL grains, sugars and crappy oils, and haven't looked back or felt this good before! I am definitely not able to eat grain based products! I eat way less than I used too and am enjoying having energy to spend.
    So this journal will be my way of putting down the changes that will be and are happening in my life, my record of triumph and no doubt some failure to learn from and grow to be the person I truly want to be.

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