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    Arrow ** New Marriage Regrets - Fasted Full-body Workouts Log 9/30/2014

    Primal Fuel
    I went from tall, dark and handsome to... tall, bloated and chubby.

    So a little about me. I'm Lee Torre and I FINALLY got married at 36 years of age on June 22nd to the most beautiful woman I've ever known, inside and out.

    BUT, I've taken this honeymoon thing waaaaay too far and she won't stop cooking deliciously fattening foods. Lots of Presidente beer and rich Dominican dishes caused my temporary downfall.

    From the day we stepped into that resort in Punta Cana(I live in the DR) to celebrate our marriage I've been slacking on my workouts and eating like there is no tomorrow.

    The worst part is that I've been weight training for over 15 years, teaching and training others to get in shape for 10+ years. Usually through intermittent fasting, which I am now back to doing after having TOTALLY abandoned it post-wedding the last 3 months.

    My Stats: 6'4" 255 lbs

    My Normal Size: 6'4" 240 lbs

    My New Goal: 6'4" 230 lbs (lean, ripped & muscular)

    I've done this before and I always get back to my shape, but trust me... I have fat guy genetics, if I don't stick to the script I blow up quickly. For example...

    Here's a pic from when I REALLY got too big, I was about 270 lbs in this pic and went down to 240. And that wasn't my biggest, I've been 289 before but I didn't take many photos of that stage in life.


    I think I'll be back to where I was in 3 months easily, I'm not a naturally lean guy but I know how to get lean when I want to, and since I won't be having anymore honeymoons I will stay lean.

    I'll be doing 3 full-body weight-training workouts per week and atleast 120 minutes of cardio per week.

    Feel FREE to give your encouragements and helpful suggestions.

    Yesterday's fasted workout....(I always workout fasted, regardless of my goals but it's REALLY great for fat-burning)

    Walked 1 mile to the gym with loaded backpack.

    Then I did....

    3 sets of 10 squats - 205 lbs (going for lightweight - higher volume to burn fat)
    4 sets of 10 box squats - 225 lbs

    Barbell Clean & Press(fast-paced):
    3 sets of 12 - 70 lbs

    Bench Press:
    3 sets of 10 - 205 lbs

    Lat Pulldowns:
    3 sets of 12 - 100 lbs

    This workout had me TOTALLY GASSED. By the time I got to the 2nd set of Barbell Clean & Press I was huffing & puffing like no tomorrow and you should know that I work out on an empty stomach ALWAYS.

    I must admit, I had to break up my bench press sets and ended up doing 6 sets of 6, I was gassed from the clean and presses.

    The Lat pulldowns went well and I felt a second wind coming, I threw in a couple extra reps in each set and will definitely up the weights the next time I do it.

    Afterwards, I walked back home one mile, the first few blocks are totally uphill(The Dominican Republic is full of hills and valleys). Anyway, I felt GREAT and Energized after the workout.

    I wanna see if I can hit my fitness goal in 3 months and if I can get my wife to cook healthier dishes without hurting her feelings...

    - Lee
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    Last post was actually yesterday's workout.

    I did my thing today, got some good cardio in....

    Today I sprinted/jogged/walked 1.5 miles pretty much mostly downhill to the vegetable market for some augacate y cebolla(avocados and onions), I had my backpack on, I'd estimate it weighed 15 lbs cuz it still had my gym crap in it.

    Then sprinted/jogged/walked 1.5 back to the crib pretty much all uphill and I'd estimate the bag on my back weighed 25 lbs on the way back.

    Worked up a good sweat, gonna eat at 3:15pm, about 3/4 of chicken with some of the skin left on it cooked stove top without any oil, 1 whole avocado, a butt load of coleslaw(vinegar and a couple teaspoons of olive oil).

    Did about a 33/33/33% split of walking/jogging/running with the backpack. Took about 45 mins with the food shopping(rest) mixed in.

    Can't wait for the gym tomorrow!

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    Go get 'em Lee. From your pics, you should be a real beast at 6'4", 230 -- You have a big set of shoulders to hang that weight on and your 270 photo didn't look that terrible.

    A word of caution--getting married seems to be great for adding pounds. Hopefully your wife is "all in" on your diet and exercise program. If not, work on her to get there, you'll find that having her support and participation will really ease your on-going efforts.

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    Thanks Rig D, she is really supporting me very well and I'm thankful. I know it'd be hard without her support.

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    Today was a tiring day at the gym but I'm feeling good

    There are 2 main gyms that me and the wife use here in Jarabacoa, 1 is a mile away the other is 1.5 miles away from the house(Mega Gym), we always walk.

    This is a small mountain town and there are no major chain gyms here, but it has plenty of good equipment, more than the gym that is 1/2 mile closer.

    Both gyms are both somewhat hole-in-a-wall gyms but this one is the nicer hole in the wall.

    I usually don't go on Monday's to Mega Gym because it's always LOADED with guys, it's National Chest Day and the lights always go out in the city at around 10am almost every Monday like clockwork(DR problems) so all the fellas head to this gym in particular. But I usually go wednesdays, love this gym.

    Only thing that sucks about Mega Gym is that there is no squat rack. But that's OK, I use the leg press when I go.


    I was fasted since 7:30 yesterday, we walked to the veggie to grab some fruit for my wife then headed to the gym.

    Today's workout consisted of....

    Started with Barbell Clean and Press
    1 set 12 reps 85 lbs
    3 sets 12 reps 75 lbs
    3 sets 12 reps 65 lbs

    Lat Pulldowns

    4 sets 12 reps 180lbs


    * I LOOOOVE this Lat pulldown machine, the mind-muscle connection with this thing is INSANE. Far better than the cable version. NICE BURN!!!

    Leg Presses

    3 sets of 15 with sets of burnout calf presses in-between sets.
    (wanted to do 4-15, didn't have it in me...)

    Chest Flyes

    4 sets of 12 reps 150 lbs

    I also LOVE the feel of this machine over the majority that I;ve used, didn't ask my wife to take pics, I was tired and ready to get things over with. I'll take a pic another day but it's awesome, GREAT mind-muscle connection on that bad boy.

    Elliptical Machine Cardio

    My absolute favorite piece of cardio equipment is BY FAR the elliptical machine, always has been.

    I did 15 minutes at a medium-paced, I was super-gassed and didn't really give it everything I had but burned 173 calories.


    We walked to the meat market on the way home bought 3 lbs of whole chicken cut into pieces for 180 pesos ($6 mas o menos) and walked home with loaded backpacks 1.5 miles.

    I ate 1/2 lb of chicken with skin(cooked stovetop without oil) a ton of coleslaw (vinegar, olive oils) and a large avocado at about 3pm.

    That's enough of my rambling for today!

    What do you think? leave your tips and advice if they are constructive

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    Hi Lee! Congratulations on getting married! Just about everyone gets a bit fat after getting married. It's a funny phenomenon. I'm glad you're all in now. Are you primal? Paleo? Some hybrid?

    Good luck in your journey! As a side note, I like the cable lat pulldown machine better! ;-) I'm a 5'3 woman so the machine your using can be hard to make me physically comfortable. Anyway, glad you got a burn. Are you doing free weight squats or using a machine. Not judgement, just curious.

    Keep on keepin on! 👍👍💪💪👏👏

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