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    Light Suggestions for Baby Nursery

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    Hello! I don't believe I've posted in the forum yet (more of a lurker) but I'm stumped on this one and am hoping y'all have some suggestions for me.

    I'm expecting my second baby in a few weeks here, and am looking for a light/light bulb I can use for those late-night diaper changes that won't wake me up too much. I just need to be able to see that I got all the poo but still be able to go back to sleep, you know? I've looked into those orange bulbs but wasn't sure if they'd be dim enough for what I need them for. When my son was born we installed a dimmer switch in his room that worked great, but now we're in a small apartment (read = no amateur electrical enhancements allowed) and I plan on co-sleeping, so I need something in our room that won't bother my husband (or me, depending on who's on diaper duty that night) too much either.

    Any thoughts or recommendations?

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    Red bulb, or a red night light. It won't effect your night vision and won't really wake you up. It's the same reason they are used on Navy ships. You can get a "brighter" one and will be able to see fine without waking anyone up.

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    I use one of these in my bedside lamp:

    It's fairly dim and doesn't interfere with sleep for me.

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