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Thread: When did humans really start eating grains?

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    >(7). Ground stone mortars, bowls, and cup holes first appeared in the Upper Paleolithic (from 40 000 y ago to 12 000 y ago) (29), whereas the regular exploitation of cereal grains by any worldwide hunter-gatherer group arose with the emergence of the Natufian culture in the Levant 13 000 BP (30).

    I think that It is difficult to judge this because so often grinding bowls are made of wood even today. It would be difficult to preserve these items anywhere there is warmth and humidity because they would rot or be eaten by insects like carpenter ant or termites. Here are some pictures showing what I mean:

    Early humans could also have simply soaked their grains and boiled them like oatmeal without any grinding (like vegans do for beans). Teeth isotope analysis are probably a better tool to determine what they ate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-O View Post
    Which makes me wonder, should they really be called gatherer-hunters?
    Regardless of which was more important, "hunter-gatherers" flows off the tongue a lot better than "gatherer-hunters" does. When I say it it transforms into "Gatherunters."

    That's all I have to contribute to this thread. Isn't that wonderful?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry View Post
    Um, I see fields with probably tens of thousands of wild oats growing closely together all the time.
    Anecdotal evidence from modern times does not translate to pre-agricultural reality. Those "wild" oats are likely GMO.

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