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    Ulcerative colitis after 2 years of paleo

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    Hi, last week I've been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. My first symptom started in may 2014. I started to have diarrhea which I tought was caused by stress. Indeed, I've been hired for the summer to work at an outdoor station which was 600 mile from home. I'm 22 and it was the first time of my life that I have had to go that far from home on my own. So, yea, I was very stressed. I always had symptom like this when I was stressed (probably due to a irritable bowel syndrome) so I tought that it would go away when stress would disappear. But my symptom never disappeared. They remained all summer. They were not that bad, I was not going to the bathroom more often (2-3 time a day), I only had loose stool with mucus, and sometime an urgency to go to the bathroom. Oh, one day I did a cheese and wine dinner with my room mate and the next day I had hard stool. The only other single day where I had normal stool was when I tried to change my diet to have harder stool (I decreased the amount of fiber in my diet) and it worked a week after that, but then I ate wild blueberry and the diarrhea came back and never disappeared after that despite the fact that I was eating a low fiber diet. Maybe I waited too much before I decided to do something about that. Indeed, when I moved to my new job location I lost some of my old eating habits and I started to eat more nuts and dried figs and they both have a high fiber content. Maybe it have nothing to do with that but my digestive system was already disturbed because of stress and then I increased then amount of fiber. It was probably not a good idea.

    So, I was hoping that all of that would return to normal when I'll go back home. So, I come back home august 25 and the same day I started to have diarrhea 15 to 30 time a day. I tought that it was caused by e. coli bacteria because there was an alert to not drink water in the town where I worked for summer a few day before I leaved. So, my physician tested my stool and my blood and everything was normal except the fact that my anti-body were a bit high. She gave me an anti-biotic which I was hesitant to take because they did not saw any bad bacteria in my stool but I finally decided to take it because it was only for 3 day. After those 3 day my diarrhea remained so I saw a gastro-enterologist how did me a rectoscopy. It was very painful despite the fact that they said that it is painless. Probably one of the worst moment of my life. After the exam he said that I have a ulcerative colitis.

    Now, I'm taking anti-inflammatory pill (asacol) and there is apparently no cure for this disease. It's very frustrating. I've been on paleo for more than 2 years exactly to avoid chronic disease and now I'm only 22 and I have a chronic disease. Ok, I was not perfect paleo. I was eating white rice and I was not low carb at all, but I tought that it doesn't matter. Many people of my age just don't care about their health and they have absolutly nothing, and me, I read constantly about health and eat apparently well and I have this. The only thing that I can think that may have contributed to this is that I've been chronically stressed for 10 years. When I'm in a class it's not rare that my heart is beating 120 time per minutes. I wanted to start yoga this fall but actually I can't take any lesson because I go to the bathroom too much. I'll try it at home but it's hard to get motivated. I have an ADD and it's hard for me to take initiative to do something, it can take me hours to take the decision to go for a walk. I have to create routine which can be hard.

    Honestly I don't know what to do. Fecal transplant? Probiotic? Change in my diet? Change in my lifestyle? All of those thing don't seem to work for everybody, maybe that's because they are not trying hard enough, I don't know. I don't know what exactly cause this disease. Fecal transplant seem to have a good rate of success, so it's probably a problem with the gut flora. Stress can cause imbalance in gut flora, and I'm a very stressed person so I would not be surprised if I have to work on this. Seriously I really want to get rid of this disease, I go to university and actually I'm missing a lot of class and I really don't want to have my colon removed. MY GI didn't talk to me about that but I know that many people with this disease have to get it removed.

    So, I would like to know if there is people on this forum who have an inflammatory bowel disease and have been able to get rid of this? Or people who know people who have been able to get rid of this? Or people with tip to get rid of it?

    Thank you!

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    I think you are on the right track, focusing on healing your gut. I've heard good things about fecal transplants. I would suggest starting with prebiotics in the form of potato starch and cooked and cooled rice. Check out the thread on resistant starch and of course probiotics too.

    Here is somehting else to consider. Personally I would do this before ever considering surgery:

    Trichuris suis therapy for active ulcerativ... [Gastroenterology. 2005] - PubMed - NCBI
    For the Good of the Gut: Can Parasitic Worms Treat Autoimmune Diseases? - Scientific American
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    I had a friend who was always complaining of food poisoning with symptoms like yours. She went to the doctor and he told her to follow the FODMAP diet. Ulcerative Colitis fodmap diet | FODMAP Life

    Also this: Low FODMAP diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    She has had a lot of relief with this, in part not worrying about food as much when she goes out.
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    Hi, thanks for answering. I never heard of trichuris suis, thats good to know, but that's disapointing that it's that much expensive, but if one day I'm facing surgery I think that it would be worth trying.

    For the fodmap I never had problem with them before my UC, but actually I try to avoid them. I'll probably try to eat them again later and see how I react to them.

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    I've had a lot of gut trouble over the years. Didn't think it would ever get better. GI doc patted me on the head and told me it was a little IBS. Go take some Citrocel. Turns out it was mercury poisoning.

    This web site has a good list of symptoms:

    Do you have other mercury related symptoms?
    1) Colitis (gut trouble)
    2 ) ADD
    3) ?

    I follow Andy Cutler's frequent low dose chelation protocol. Been chelation for almost three years and it has turned my life around. It's not fast, but done properly, frequent & low dose, it's safe. Eating has gotten much easier. Stools are normal. I'm physically stronger and have more endurance than 3 years ago. My memory is improving. The chronic body aches are gone.

    Mercury is found in many places, vaccines, car exhaust, mascara, CFL bulbs, amalgam fillings.

    Read up on the subject before trying anything. My doc started me on a high dose of chelator which caused some unpleasant side effects. (Most docs don't know how to recognize or treat mercury poisoning.) if you have amalgam fillings, they have to be removed safely. The IAOMT's web site has an article on safe mercury amalgam removal. Drilling out amalgams releases a lot of mercury vapor and you don't want to inhale that stuff. And don't do any "challenge tests." They can really mess you up by moving more mercury than your body can excrete.

    Good luck! It's an education. Start with an hair test from direct labs dot com. (Hair elements Kit DD).


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    I was diagnosed with UC in 1991, at 26 years old. The cause of UC is unknown, but I believe a stressful time in my life caused my immune system to go into overdrive and attack my body. Whether it was in response to some sort of toxin or bacteria in my system, or what, I will never know. I atttained and maintained remission with Asacol (the old formulation) for about 22 years. I was "lucky" that I did not need anything stronger. I had a liver transplant due to a different auto-immune disorder, in Oct of 2013. My UC was fine until February of this year, then I started a long first one, really. Asacol hasn't quelled it this time, and that is combining it with a Paleo/SCD hybrid for 7 months. I am still barely managing it, and will probably have to relent and go on a short course of prednisone.....something I am loathe to do. UC is soooo different for everyone, it's unbelievable. And everyone has a different point where enough is enough. You could keep eating primal and see if the Asacol kicks in at some point. Unfortunately, Asacol maintains remission better than it induces it. I know you probably hate the thought of going on more medication as much as I do, but I personally wouldn't get ahead of yourself and worry about needing surgery just yet. Diet works for some people, for sure, but the recommendations you see of what to eat and not eat will confuse and infuriate you at times (I know it does that to me). Keep eating clean, but I would recommend you do what you have to do to get your life back. I understand what you are going through. This flare will end. You will get remission. This is probably against the rules of the forum, but check out It's a site run by a younger guy with UC, and there are many helpful stories from people in our same boat. There is a facebook page, too. Good luck.

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    Hello Barefoot123,

    If you would, please explain your current and recent diet in great detail. What do you usually eat each day? How many calories of each food?

    Problems like these usually come about from a slowed metabolic rate which often results from inadequate carbohydrate and calories in general. Polyunsaturated omega 6 fats from vegetable oils are also usually to blame and you should make certain you are not consuming any in your current diet. Antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs will do nothing to address the underlying problem of metabolism and will likely make you much worse off. Antibiotics are often the trigger for digestive problems as they slow your metabolism down and your doctor was very irresponsible to prescribe those especially when your stool test indicated no negative bacteria. I do not know if you can sue your doctor as there is a good chance they are shielded from liability but at the very least you should fire that doctor and look into a malpractice lawsuit. I would also advise strongly against taking any other drugs as they will not heal your condition, but will have side effects.

    To heal your metabolism/digestion you need to eat a lot of carbohydrates that you can still digest with a broken digestive tract. The more carbohydrate you consume the faster your digestion will heal. I suggest you try raw honey, and orange juice. Raw honey is predigested for you by bees so it should be very easy to digest even with your condition and you should eat as much as you can of it. Orange juice might cause some minor digestive problems at first and only you will be able to know if you can keep drinking it, but I have found it is very beneficial in healing the digestive tract. Eating lots of healthy sugar from these sources or other fruits that you tolerate will also reduce your stress. Stress hormones are detoxified in your liver with the aid of sugars and if you are stressed to the point that you are noticing it you likely have a sugar deficiency.

    You should also consider adding a source of collagen to your diet(this can be a supplement) as this type of protein can help speed up repair of the digestive tract and is not a commonly consumed protein as collagen is mainly found in animal skins and tendons.

    Also consider a manuka honey as this type of honey has more potent healing properties than other types of honey. A good brand is here: Comvita Manuka Honey UMF 15+ 250 gr/8.8 oz: Health & Personal Care
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