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Thread: Does coconut oil really go bad?

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    Does coconut oil really go bad?

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    We ordered 1 gallon of Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil in December and are finally running out. We're thinking of purchasing a case of 4 and figuring 1 gal will last for around 6.5-7 months. The container we have does have a sell by date about 2 years from when we bought it so if we get a case of 4 we'll be getting near the "Best By" date by the time we're into our 4th one. Anyone know about the long term shelf life of coconut oil? It probably won't be stored in a cool place though I'm not sure how much that matters being a sat fat and all. Think the last one would be good a few months after the Best By date if it lasts that long?

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    We bought our 6 pack in October 2009 and it's perfectly fine. It's solid in the winter months and liquid in the summer, but still delicious.

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    I found a piece of creamed coconut under my bed from 2 weeks ago. It was yummy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stabby View Post
    i found a piece of creamed coconut under my bed from 2 weeks ago. It was yummy.

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    I bought 2 jars of coconut butter last summer and they said not to refrigerate...shelf stable for 1 year.

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