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Thread: Help! Need ammo!!

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    Help! Need ammo!!

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    Help! I need ammo--information ammo-- to use against my husband! He is wanting to get back into shape and has decided to join the P90X crowd. That's a good thing but he is telling me all about the nutrition plan that comes with it and how great it is. First of all, I don't eat wheat or grains because of health reasons and he has been ok with this. (he has noticed bloating and fatigue after eating wheat) Now he is telling me that we need to eat this nutrition plan and buy all the protein bars and shakes that goes with it or else he won't have the results or good recovery that is promised. He is in pretty good shape to begin with (he is active and works out) but like so many of us, he could lose a few pounds.
    I've tried to get him to read the PB and look at this website. He is still of the mindset that one has to work out hard for at least two hours plus for it to be worthwhile. (did I tell you he is retired Marine, go figure) I was even excited to see Mark on the video he was watching for P90X and thought that would motivate him to look this site over but NNOOOO, it is only the P90X way or no way!!

    What do I need to say to him to motivate him to have a look at this living, breathing, great for everyone way of life and play? I need some suggestions from the guys out there....please!!

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    Tell him he's being an idiot for falling for all their marketing crap.
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    That's a tough sell Cassandra. It's pretty hard to convince anyone who doesn't want to be convinced, especially when what we believe goes against everything society says. I looked at this yesterday hoping some good ideas would come in, but based on the lack of responses I think most people are as stumped as me. There are tons of studies you could throw at him, videos to watch, etc, but if he doesn't want to believe it then I don't think he will.

    p90x will give him results if he sticks with it, but they won't be sustainable or even necessarily healthy. At some point that will probably become clear and maybe he'll be willing to give your way a shot.

    Fat Head has been a very effective movie for people who are interested, but not for people who are entrenched in CW. You could try giving it a shot if you want though. It's fun to watch if nothing else.

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    It is really hard to get people to rethink and change what they are doing. There is a defense mechanism that we have to some level or another. My sister talked to me about Crossfit for months before I bothered to try it. Now that I did, it is all we talk about!

    Plant seeds, do your thing, let him do his and after 3 weeks if he has fallen off track with p90x perhaps then he will come your way?

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    tell him NOT be a sheep...and to stand up out of the crowds of average...who get star struck by infomercials..... the workout itself is sound enough. If anyone follows any decent program consistently they'll get results...BUT, BeachBody makes it's money from the 'sheep' purchasing bars and powders that are not required, not even a little.

    They make alot of money of gullible people who think they need to stray from nature and common sense to get the physique of their dreams. kind of sad actually.....

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    Ok, so first of all it's NOT marketing crap. I've done several rounds of P90X/Insanity/etc. Yes, before I found this site I followed the nutrition plan with great results. I've been Primal since January and I STILL do P90X/Insanity and all the crazy workouts and have lost even MORE bodyfat. Is it easy while Primal, no. You have to find your groove. You have to get over the mental block of eating fat, fat, and more fat. I don't eat grains, rice, whole wheat whatever anymore. Tell your husband there are options. There is no reason why he can't do P90X AND be Primal. I would be happy to help...

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    Just tell him that real food is much healthier than bars and shakes!
    What kind of results have you had on the PB? If you are doing well that should sway him.... If it is new to you the best thing may be for you both to try your own way and see who is losing and feeling the best.

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    Of course P90X encourages bars and shakes...they make money off of them! (sometimes the only think I look forward to at the end of a p90x workout is Mark's little blurb about what he developed for them. Not that I use the bars or anything, its just cool to see Mark LOL)

    From what I recall, their diet plan is pretty clean. I don't remember it being grain focused...but it's been a long while since I've read it. I remember meat, veggies and a whole lot of calories.

    Your hubby is probably on a P90X forum asking people how to get his wife to stop following PB b/c it's all wrong! LOL Plant your seeds, keep doing what you're doing and if he becomes interested, he'll find the path on his own. That's the approach I've taken with my hubby and he is slowwwwwwwly but surely coming around. He even promoted PB to someone at work! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that!

    but, I've definitely learned that with a LOT of folks, playing the "I'm right and you're wrong nanny nanny boo boo" does nothing to encourage them to listen with an open mind.
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    @ Cassandra It is easy to see how people get roped into the need to buy the add on products. P90X does a really good job of packaging this whole thing up so you think that you need this or that. Like Stevew2023 said P90X works, so it's a difficult argument.

    The other piece of this is that it sounds like this is something that your husband found and decided that he wants to do. If he is like many of the ex-Marines that I have met, he is not likely to be pursuaded from something that HE WANTS TO DO.

    I think that you should provide encouragement to him for his efforts and facts about what you are doing. If he sees that you are getting good results with a lot less effort, he might become curious.

    Good luck!
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    I think if hes going to waste that money, go buy yourself something nice. he needs to decide about primal on his own.
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