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    Staying Primal on Holidays

    Primal Fuel
    Hi all,

    I've just started my Primal journey two weeks ago on the 8th September and I must say, I'm enjoying the journey so far and looking towards a healthier future.
    My odds and ends is how to stay Primal when on holidays because I'll be away from my structured daily routine that really works for me.

    My usual midweek day is:
    NO sugar, NO bread, NO processed food.

    Breakfast: Frittata with Sauteed Kale, Spinach, Chicken, and a mix of fresh vegetables
    Large Cappuccino with skim milk (the dairy in my Primal journey because the Cappuccino is my daily luxury food)
    I make the Frittata on the weekend and it keeps all week. I warm up a slice in oven while having morning shower for a nice warm breakfast afterwards.

    mid morning Snack: Fruit
    I teach primary school (elementary school equivalent) so it's very easy for me to have a structured meals routine e.g. Mid morning snack is when my students have their fruit break at 10am. I like my students to have a fruit break mid morning they they fuel their minds for the day and I make sure they're eating the fruit their parents packed.

    Lunch: Protein shake with skim milk (again my luxury food is skim milk)
    I'm usually on yard duty so a protein shake is easy to drink before rushing out on duty with clipboard and safety vest in hand.

    End of school day, mid afternoon snack: Protein shake with skim milk (again my luxury food is skim milk)
    I've found the protein drink stops me from snacking on the drive home. I tried munching on carrots as my end of school day snack but that soon got monotonous.

    Dinner: Meat (pork, beef, chicken or Seafood - I love seafood) and selection of vegetables.

    Afternoon Snack: Cappuccino

    No food until breakfast (Essentially a Fast but not strictly timed)

    I started my Primal journey at 113.8kg on the 8th September and I'm currently at 108.6 after 2 weeks, hence really enjoying the journey and the results keep me highly motivated.

    As mentioned above my odds and ends is how to maintain the above or similar without succumbing to the temptations of sugar, bread or dairy. I would like to enjoy my two weeks holidays so I'm not really inclined to go out to a nice restaurant and order a protein shake for lunch.I find that even a day off Primal tends to take me 3-4 days to get back on track and that's 3-4 days of wasted energy.

    How do others manage their holiday breaks but still remain primal.

    Cheers, Pete
    Please excuse any typo's I'm in a bit of a rush.
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    Are you talking about "weekends" or "vacations" when you say "holidays?"

    For vacation many of us break a few rules. For weekends I pretty much eat the same as during the week.

    Curious. Why are you drinking skim milk instead of whole milk or cream?
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    If a break in routine causes a "jailbreak" attitude then your routine might be too restrictive or unsatisfying. It may take some trial and error but work toward a 7-day template wherein you can look forward to all 7 days and repeat indefinitely. I never had good experience with liquid energy or refined proteins--maybe experiment alternate days and see how you feel.

    For traveling I recommend the "gourmet exemption" meaning taste (taste not devour) anything crafted by human hands but not barcode snacks that are sold everywhere. A proper restaurant should focus on fresh ingredients anyway. If it's a family holiday the dishes (and bread baskets) are self-serve ya? Hopefully no one scrutinizes how you fill your plate.

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    Switch from skim to full fat milk if you are going to drink milk. There is lots of research about the value of dairy fat. Many in the movement choose raw milk. I am not comfortable but I use dairy products with minimally processed milk from cows who graze on grass.

    Also not sure what you mean by holidays.
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    Hi Pete,

    By holidays I take it you mean the two weeks off school that is coming up. If you are actually going away it can be a bit harder to stick to your routine but if staying home I think you may even find it easier to have healthful primal meals as you will have time to make breakfast fresh instead of having to do it in advance and to prepare some real food for lunch instead of just a piece of fruit and two shakes spread out through the day.

    I always try to eat differently during the holidays because school lunches get soooooo repetitive. Try meatza, salads, soup, banana pancakes - things that you don't have time to prepare during the term.

    The main problem I foresee is needing to co-ordinate your meals with other non-primal family members, that can be a pain. Perhaps you could make your frittata as usual and have it when other people are eating the wrong things.

    The other issue is if you are around home more there are more opportunities to snack (speaking from experience here). So perhaps you could plan ahead to keep yourself busy and/or out of the house. Take a drive to go find some raw milk, or a farmers market, or pack some hardboiled eggs and go tramping.

    Whatever, I'm sure you will find a way. Well done on your progress to date, keep on pursuing your goals.
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    Hi all, thanks for your input.

    Yes, heading out of my structured routine and into the unstructured world of vacations. Heading from Tasmania to Qld for the two week Tasmanian school holiday period so I was a little concerned that my will power would not hold out. I feel sufficiently confident that I'll manage but just wanted to put the 'feelers' out to read what others do on holidays.
    I feel that if I stay Primal I'll be able to better alleviate the need to 'stray' and eat non healthy choices. Recently I visited the Salamanca market here in Tasmania when I went to see Josh Earl the comedian (A must see, the guy is just brilliantly funny) and I was actually repulsed by the waft of aroma coming from a deep fried food van. That was pleasantly surprising because that deep fried food aroma would have previously seduced me into having some greasy takeaway food. I've been mostly primal for only two weeks but it seems my body has already adapted for the better.

    Regarding the milk. I think the only reason I've been drinking skim milk is that I've always drunk skim milk. It's one of these 'because I always have but have no reason why. I'll read the research but more than likely I'll change to full cream/regular milk.

    Cheers, Pete
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