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    Safe Nuts for People with Food Allergies

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    Hi everyone,
    I have a pile of food allergies and intolerances per IGE and IGG tests. I am also sensitive to the full range of high FODMAP foods. Almonds, cashews, peanuts,* and coconut* are among my favorite foods but I have a lot of trouble digesting them and they produce other symptoms as well (achy joints, etc.). I seem to be able to eat Macadamias without trouble. Are there other safe nuts out there me to try?

    *Not actually tree nuts.

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    Per Mark, Macadamias are the most Primal (but I seem allergic to them. Can't afford anyway.) Beyond that, there is lots of variation. I would say to experiment.
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    I'm assuming you are doing some sort of aip with an introduction period for each food? All of them are potential allergens so there can't really be a blanket recommendation of one is safer since it depends on your issues. Some people doing aip have success if their reaction is a digestive problem, by soaking and sprouting the nuts. I haven't tried it yet, since I'm fine with an occasional handful of cashews. But if you want to try soaking/sprouting eliminate them all for a couple of weeks, then pick the one you like best of the ones giving you trouble and see what happens. Self experimentation is fun

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