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.....this is today's post.

We are 4.5 weeks into going primal. We are both enjoying this way of life. I am struggling a bit today though.

The struggle is emotional I think. I need to focus on the overall health benefits of eating this way and not just the weightloss. Since I am breastfeeding I am not being as aggressive or as restrictive in calories. My baby is happy for this and my milk supply is keeping up.

The last couple days I have been light headed....kind of like I am on a boat. This began to happen when I was nursing my second son. I had to stop nnursing because I was losing my balance.....it was a sad and scary time. I do not want this to happen again. My baby is 10 weeks old now.....too soon to wean in my opinion.

I was reading an archive post about reasons I'm not losng weight.... lack of sleep and stress levels I think play a major role...I am eating primal and most are whole foods. Processed foods include beef jerky, dark chocolate, deli lunch meat, homemade almond meal muffins.

I hadn't really thought of stress levels contributing to lack of weight loss.... but I am struggling emotionally with finances, being a good mom and wife, keeping up with the housework...expectations of who I think I should be..... I am in need of a good girlfriend. Thankfully my husband is my best friend. Our relationship is wonderful. But i am feeling a bit lost lately....maybe a bit of the post partum blues? Aunt Flo showed up yesterday and I am craving carbs. It's probably a number of factors all adding up.

I am also not getting enough of the easy cardio. Maybe I need to incorporate a long walk with the boys daily..... It just doesn't feel like I'm working hard enough walking with three young boys...constantly stopping to look at this rock or leaf. ... but I guess it would be better than sitting here at the computer...... immediately I feel discouraged becasue it's yet another thing I am not doing. sigh.... I should stop thinking about this for now.

It sure would be nice to hear from some of you.