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Thread: Spirulina

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    Any thoughts on this algae? Ive read many places that it is amazing for you. Just curious...

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    Haven't had any in a while, but I used to make a (pre-Primal) drink with powdered spirulina, iced-tea mix, and benefiber. It was actually pretty good too . These days I'd probably make a berry smoothie or something - the spirulina can be very bitter.

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    I use spirulina occasionally, but the tablets are difficult to swallow (literally) because, to me, they smell like a dirty fish tank.

    I see that spirulina is also available in capsule form, which is likely to be much more pleasant than the tablets:

    I often take chlorella, which is another green superfood, and has a much more pleasant smell and taste:

    And Perfect Food caps are always a good choice, if you're looking for an all-around great supergreens product (it contains both spirulina and chlorella):

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    p.s. If you're trying to decide between the products I linked to, I recommend reading the reviews of each one; these can be instructive concerning what kinds of benefits each has conferred to those taking it. I am a review-reading addict.

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