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Thread: cod liver oil vs omega3 fish oil page

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    cod liver oil vs omega3 fish oil

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    Hey guys,

    soon I will be buying a new dose of omega3's (now I am finishing off my cod liver oil bottle)
    I was comparing these two and which one is better..

    Cod liver oil:
    - 52 mg DHA
    - 52 mg EPA

    Vitamin A - 2,500 IU
    Vitamin D - 270 IU

    Omega 3 Fish oil:
    - natural fish oil concentrate - 1g
    - omega3 fatty acids - 320mg
    - DHA - 120mg
    - EPA - 180mg

    I am not sure if the cod liver oil is worth the vitamins, especially when I am already taking a multi-vitamin that adequately covers my daily needs.

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    If you only buy fish oil for the omg-3 stuff, eat real fish really!
    If you want to go for the vit A and D, fermented cod liver oil is best, but vit A can also be obtained from various sources. I use the FCLO in winter usually.

    In my opinion, fish oils for omg-3 are really not worth it, just avoid too much PUFAs and eat fatty fish regularly.

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    multi's have too much of what you don't need and not enough of what you do. the recs for daily %'s are laughable, really.

    When it comes to fish oil, more is not better

    my understanding as well is that much of the "fish oil" on the shelves is from farmed fish whose diets were loaded with soy, corn and antibiotics.
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    I don't recommend fish oil, cod liver oil, or multivitamins.

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    I recommend the perfect health diet values. Omega 3s are a type of pufa so vulnerable to oxidation. I wouldn't take a fish oil supp as the aforementioned oxidation may well have occurred during processing but I eat canned sardines and wild salmon as they are food. I take vit D as I live in England and we don't get enough hence the bad teeth and hip fractures. I also eat liver once a week and supp with magnesium citrate.
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    I like to take Vital Choice Sockeye Salmon oil gelcaps only on the days I'm not eating sockeye salmon itself lol

    I eat too much liver to justify the vitamin A in cod liver oil

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