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Thread: oceans alive paleo? or pre-paleo?

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    Lightbulb oceans alive paleo? or pre-paleo?

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    Hi mark, I'm a long time reader of your blog just joined the forum as I can't find any information on
    oceans Alive live plankton in the paleo realm? plenty on chlorella and spirulina though. what do you think of the claims and are there any downsides to this supplement or indeed any upsides


    mark k

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    I wouldn't expect Mr Sisson to answer mate. Eat a can of sardines for 59p. They concentrate the omega three oils from the hundreds of thousands of phytoplankton that their zoo plankton prey eat. As sardines are so low on the food chain (they always get owned whilst David Attenborough commentates) there will be very little bioaccumulation. The upside is that you will save yourself a few hundred quid and get some freely available calcium. You could grow your own phytoplankton, I do it for my reef tank's corals and it comes out at about 25p/litre.
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