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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (Kane)

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    So, a little about me...

    My name is Kane, I'm Male, I'm English. I'm a 20 year old student of music at university. I took an interest in getting "ripped" after seeing the film "Never Back Down" with Sean Farris and Cam Gigandet in January this year (2009). I was looking for workouts from this film when I came across Fitness Black Book. I guess I was being vein for a while but I think it was a good thing, as being vein lead me here, and lead me to wanting to be healthier on the inside aswell as having the ever wonderoius 6-pack.

    I have read the Primal Blueprint and love it. I love the ocmmunity here also, and I would really love any comments or advice you guys could give me regarding diet or exercise.

    My starting stats are:

    Height: 5"8

    Weight: 125 lbs

    Body Fat: 7.1%

    Water Percentage: 67.9%

    Muscle Percentage: 73.3 %

    What I would really like to do is add a bit of mass, as I am really light (125 lbs). I would like to do this while maintaing my low BF or even dropping it to 6%. Along with this I would love to sort out my sleeping as it is really erratic and I generally dont get enough. I would also like to find my carb sweet spot, as that is something I really have not perfected. Good luck to everyone, and I cant wait to get stuck in 100%!

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    Day 1:

    B: 3 egg omlette with radishes and cucumber.

    S: Bannana.

    L: IF

    D: IF untill Apple (now bedtime)


    20 minutes bike ride before breakfast. The ride was in 30 second sprint interval style.

    Not very much exercise today, very busy day!

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    Day 2:

    Breakfast: 4 egg omlette with onions, cucumber and THICK bacon!

    Snack: Banana

    Lunch: 2 93% pork frankfurters with wild rocket salad.

    Dinner: I was at work so just had an apple and some cashews with some green tea


    Workout A from Marks building muscle post...

    5x5 DB Squats

    5x5 pullups

    5x5 overhead press

    I think I may have hurt my back/back of my shoulder somewhere along the line here. Im going swimming in the morning, I'll see if the pain persists... I hope not!

    Grok On!

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    So far so good! Got your note about Survival Week. It would be great to have you aboard next time around.

    Congrats on the new place!

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    Day 3:

    Not a great day for me. Had a late shift at work last night, so didnt sleep untill 5am and that ment not waking up today untill 2:30 PM. I also went to the cinema to catch up with friends before I move cities in 4 days, so real-ish food was hard come by. I like to think I made the best of it though, I hope you agree!

    B: 3 egg omlette with celery and radishes (trying to use them up, I kknow theve been in my omlettes for the last 3 days!)

    LATE Lunch: At the cinema. My friends all brought popcorn... The best I could find was Brazil nuts covered in Dark Chocolate, but at least I got the protien! I didnt want to be rude and not have anything, Im not going to see these guys again for a few months.

    D: 1 grilled 90% prok sausage with broccoli and carrots.


    Intened to go swimming but woke up too late. Instead I did sprint intervals in my local woods. I was 10 in 10 minutes, and it was a really great workout!

    Not an amazing day, and I really wanted to eat more today as I'm trying to gain a bit of muscle. Also my dad who is good with physical alements had a look at my back. He done something to it and it felt a lot better at the time, but now it feels worse. I hope it wont affect tomorrows planned weight session (workout B of marks "building muscle" post).

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    You're doing good dude. When you get down South it will be easier for the both of us. Two Grokkers in the same house lol. good times :-)

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    Day 4:

    A HECTIC day. First off I woke up and had a green tea. 10 minutes later I was on my bike (15minutes) to the shops to by my bacon and eggs! after my bike ride, I worked out (weights) and then had double shift at work! more deatils...

    B: 2 fried eggs, 4 rashers of bacon.

    S: Banana & peanut butter on celery.

    L: Chicken salad.

    D: Brazil Nuts, Green tea.

    S: Glass of red wine after work.


    Bike ridingto get breakfast. A gentle 15 minutes each way. After this, I did workout B from marks building muscle post.

    Squats: 5x5

    Chest press: 5x5

    Shoulder press: 5x5

    Then I had my breakfast and all was good. I was then called into work to do a 12-3. so I rode in (at this point, my legs were killing me after the squats!)

    After riding back I had 1 hr untill my next shift started. I rushed a shower and lunch, and rode toi work again. My legs are really killing me now, I think all the squats and bike riding is taking its toll, so I'm going to have a rest day tomorrow.

    Grok On!

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    Day 5:

    A really good day today, OTHER than the whopping great amount of alcohol flying around at my leaving party. I mostly stuck with the red wine in the name of being primal...

    B: 3 egg omlette with bacon and celery.

    L: Brazil nuts, Apple + Green tea

    D: Half a roast chicken with brocoli, carrots, onions and cucumber.

    S: Im going to guess at 700 calories worth of alcohol


    Rest day, just did my 15 minute bike ride to work, and had to take in 4 cages of food/drink at work. Definatley worked up a sweat!

    -Grok On!

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    Day 6:

    My food today (lots of eggs) is for two reasons. Mark recomends lots of eggs whilist trying to build muscle. Also, I was a little hungover this morning and eggs really ARE the best cure.

    B: 4 egg omlette

    L: 3 fried eggs and 2 rashers of bacon

    S: Peanut butter on celery

    D: Fruit and nut trail mix, apple and green tea.


    Had planned to do workout C of Marks building post, but my legs are still really sore (lots of squats and bike riding) so I think I'll leave it till tomorrow morning. Also, moving house tomorrow so I hope it wont be too hectic to fit the workout in.

    -Grok On!

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    Dood, it's currently 6:50am and i'm caught up in a real weird sleeping pattern. Been awake since about 4am atm lol.

    Right i've been determined to go swimming all week so i'm gonna hit the pool at 9am when it opens today and then do the sprints back home.

    If i'm still alive by the time you get here and unpacked etc etc... Let's do some frisby in the park? moderate exercise in a fun way :-)

    Take it easy and i'll be seeing you soon.

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