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Thread: Pants from 46" waist to 38"

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    Pants from 46" waist to 38"

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    I wore 38" waist pants today for the first time in years. Down from a high of 46". Same kind of pants - black Dockers. I wouldn't want to sit in the 38s all day but they were comfortable walking around and having lunch. I've been on Primal (seriously) about 3 years.
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    ^5 man. Good stuff right there. Keep it up!

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    Good for you!
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    Hell yeah I love the feeling. I am down to a 38 now from a 54 3 years ago. I giggle like a mad man every time I try on smaller clothes that fit. Good on ya.

    My big issue with the narrower waist pants is the pouch I still have hanging below my belly button. I can wear a large shirt and it fits perfect but my pouch of goo makes the front bulge in an almost amusing way.

    also cycling every day has built up my legs to the point that a 38 waist pair of jeans does not fit my thighs well no matter what cut I wear.

    good luck.
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    Great job Hedonist. When I moved out of the 40's it was a huge morale booster. Go back and try on a pair of your 46" pants, that is also good for that feeling of success.
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