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    My Second 90 Days: My First n-1 Experiment

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    I began my Paleo food journey 4/27/14 as a part of a hormone and metabolic reset cleanse through my naturopath/functional medicine doctor's guidance. I used a food journal and MyFitnessPal to track food. I was not allowed to do more than walk for the hormone reset and so I am just now beginning to bring this style of working out into the equation.

    I began the journey at
    • 220 pounds
    • 34.5% body fat
    • 99.8 pounds of fat

    As of 8/11 I was at
    • 167.8 pounds
    • 26.2% body fat
    • 57 pounds of fat

    I am still not at the body fat % that I consider healthy. My doctor seems to think I will be best at around 22% or so. Honestly, I would be happy to just continue to feel better and lose some of the flab that seems to be hanging around.

    I have the 21 Day Transformation book and the 90 day journal. My plan is to track daily in the paper journal and here weekly as kind of a summary.

    My first n-1 Experiment: Reduce Excess Body Fat

    I will be tracking carbs with MyFitnessPal and my 90-Day Paleo Journal.

    Hypothesis: Regulate carbs into range of 50-100 per day Primal food choices and new workout regimen to reduce my body fat.

    1. I will need to limit these to limit carbs. Apples and strawberries are my downfall.
    2. I will track my carb intake.
    3. I will let my appetite guide eating habits.
    4. I will try intermittent fasting.
    5. I will increase all forms of daily movement, do sprint sessions, and lift heavy things.
    6. I will record a start bodyweight and body fat % to start using my home scale which differs from my doctor's but will be useful for this exercise. I will take the average of 3 days for the start.
    7. I will use my journal to track appetite and urges to eat emotionally.
    8. I will track exercise, energy, and mood.
    9. I will try to record progress here weekly.

    Hopefully I am able to get things under control in the next 90 days and create a solid foundation for this lifestyle and my future health.

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    That is some great progress so far. Excellent. Best of luck on the next 90 days.

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