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Thread: whole body vibrators

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    visionteacher: sort of like kettleballs, shovelwhatevers and other things when a simple rock or a dumbbell would do. We all have our "things". (Actually, I would prefer taking up adagio dancing!) My "thing" is new to this forum. I can see that. I understand that people often look down on new things until they are proven. Actually, I am sort of doing that myself. I haven't run out and bought one of these things. I wish that I could try one somewhere for a week or so.

    The talk I have had from people using whole body vibrators is that they get over pain and injury quicker, they get exhausted in a short time instead of working for 45 minutes or so, the workout is definitely felt in their muscles, using for more than about 10 minutes really gets to them and they are sore for a few days.

    I have heard that geriatric patients have increased tone and strength somewhat just by standing on the device for a while.

    My interest is the rapid workout and tone without too much strain on already severely lastimated right knee, right shoulder, and left elbow. I have restricted range of motion in various parts of my body. I just pushed too hard and fell too hard a few times, I guess.

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    It was all the rage a few years ago but the evidence just isn't coming together so the popularity is fizzling.

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    The entire concept of these things is dubious. Here is the claim in a nutshell (based on Nordictrac's website):

    You can get the same workout results from 50% of the exercise.

    OK, but they don't give any information about how much exercise the non-vibrating group did, nor do they show a group that did half the exercise, without the vibrator. Just from the data they omit, I have to assume they are trying to scam me.

    If you can find a real study that can quantify all of the variables and has the appropriate controls to isolate the effects of this machine, then you can look at buying one - until then it is all just infomercial hype and spin.

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    Hey all,

    I do have something nice to say about these. My father died last year but in reality he died a slow death over the last 10 years from agent orange in Vietnam. He was 66.

    My father was always active and played sports until this started in the late 90s. It started with peripheral neuropathy (nerves die in arms and legs) and severe diabetes and a few other ailments. By the end he could only stand holding onto something because he had zero feeling in his legs below the knee or arms below the elbows. He said it felt like the numb tingling pain of your foot waking up after falling asleep. All this caused terrible circulation of blood and lymphatic system and his legs swelled… bad

    Long story short once of these helped him regain the circulation in his legs so they did not have to be amputated. So they do have a place… but not with anyone who has the ability to walk IMHO.

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    These whole body vibrators are great tools (well, the quality ones are), just like mini-trampolines, it depends on quality & how & how much you use them. They are tools, nothing more, nothing less.

    A hammer can tear up wood boards or it can used to make something elegant, functional, strong & enjoyable. Or the hammer can be left in its box and never picked up at all. Is the hammer bad, good or ineffective? None and all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Betorq View Post
    These whole body vibrators are great tools (well, the quality ones are), just like mini-trampolines, it depends on quality & how & how much you use them. They are tools, nothing more, nothing less.
    Just saw this. Glad I did. I ordered one and it arrived Friday. I can't hardly get DH to do anything once he gets home from long hours at work, but he has been on it every day, several times a day even. I realize the honeymoon might wear off, but at least he is doing something.

    My stepson was here for a visit when it arrived. He is about 12% body fat and training for an Iron Man, so I figured he would razz me to death but he tried it and he said it worked out some stiffness he had. He did his 18 mile run Sunday morning, and got on it at some point afterwards, and he said he thought it really did help him.

    Now, I am doing other stuff also, so it will be hard for me to pinpoint any weight loss as a result, but I did take my measurements this morning before I got on it. Some ppl report it helps them to sleep better, so I might be able to measure that.

    So I dont know, but will give it a fair shake (ha)
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    This seems ridiculous. I doubt the benefits are worth the investment. This reminds me of that guy doing barbell squats on a swiss ball. Unsafe.
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    I don't know that they would have great benefit to an otherwise healthy person. They do have some interesting capacity in the therapeutic and rehab arena though. I know several people that get a great deal of relief from various pains and other conditions with them as an adjunct therapy.

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    Probably easier to use than a washing machine!!!
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