This is a well-known dish in Chinese banquet. When done properly, the skin is crispy, the meat is tender and tasty. It can be served in slices wrapped in rice pan-cakes or served in bite-size pieces with bone in. Preparation time is long.

1 (6 to 8 pound) duck, freshly killed with head on
1 tbsp vinegar
2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
5 tbsp honey
4 tbsp Hoi Sin sauce
ΒΌ tsp sesame oil

Pull out the excessive fat, wash the duck and then dry with paper towel.

Place 2 pieces of small splinters inside the duck to give better support during roasting.

Close tightly the bottom cavity with skewer and wind it tight with a piece of twine firmly to ensure tightness.

Loosen skin of duck at the opening near the neck, and insert a narrow tubing between the flesh and skin. Blow into the tube until duck is inflated to almost double the size. Tie the neck cavity tightly with a twine. Make sure air is not leaking, otherwise the skin will not be crispy after roasted.

Place duck in sink with breast side up, pour slowly boiling water over duck. Repeat procedure three times on the breast and twice on the back of the duck. Dry with paper towel and hang the duck with a string around the neck. Hand in draughty cold place for 8 to 10 hours to make sure duck is completely dry.

When duck is ready, preheat oven to 450 degrees F.

Combine all ingredients with 10 tablespoonfuls of water. Stir and mix well. Rub over the skin of the duck to ensure all areas are covered with the mixture.

Put roasting rack over a pan about 2 inches high. Put duck with back side down and roast for 10 to 14 minutes until skin is golden brown. Turn it over carefully and roast for another 10 minutes. Do not use fork to do the turning, otherwise the skin will be broken and air will leak out. This will affect the crispy result.

Reduce temperature to 350 degrees, turn the breast side up again, and roast for 25 minutes.

Reduce the temperature to 250 degrees and roast for another 25 minutes.

To serve, slice the skin of duck into bite-size pieces. Put in the center of a thin pan cake, add green onion, Hoi Sin sauce. Wrap up the pan cake and eat with fingers.