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Thread: Is this a good price on lamb? and nutritional ranking of lamb?

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    Is this a good price on lamb? and nutritional ranking of lamb?

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    I just recieved back an email from a farm on their lamb prices and this was what it said

    "I sell all our grass fed lambs by the hot weight on the rail . That means after the lamb has been process at the processing plant and the dress carcass is ready to hang in the cooler . We charge $ 4.00 per pound for the dress lamb ."

    Is this a good price?

    And how would you rank lamb on it's nutrition? I know a lot of you are really loving beef because of it's high saturated fats and low PUFAs, and kinda down on too much poultry because of the excess PUFAs. Pork's a little in between. So how's lamb?

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    It's not a bad price. That's about the going rate at our farmers market. I prefer to pay less, but if I really want lamb, it's a good price. Especially if it's pastured.

    I love lamb. It's a wonderful treat. I don't rank my meat nutritionally. I just try to get a variety and mix it up pretty good.

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