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Thread: hi MDA forum

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    hi MDA forum

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    I've been a fan of MDA and primal/paleo for 2-3 years now. I took a break from the interwebs for a few months and come back to a whole new forum. I recognize a few familiar faces though. I struggle with eating healthy because of compulsive binging and dieting.. that's really my main issue and going primal hasn't fixed it, though it has lessened it.

    Anyways hope to become a regular reader and poster again.

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    Welcome Back!

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    Hi halloweenbinge -- Can you describe you "binging dieting" a little more? Are you binging and dieting with primal foods? If so, welcome to my world. I intermittent fast and sometimes extend the fasts and intermittent feast. I would never advise it for someone with a legit eating disorder, so a little more info would be interesting.

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    Welcome back!

    Haha Grol... I think that's what I do. Intermittent Feast. I've been eating 1 meal a day through the week, then eating a lot more on the weekends.

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