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    My first Primal-versay

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    I'm one month in, having started the 21 day challenge and now I'm just keeping on.

    Have loved the last month despite the wobbles of travel to visit family (like going to another country what with their plain weird relationship with food). I love the movement, the energy, the cooking.

    When I read the PB, I was struck by the phrase "effortless weight loss." Yeah, yeah I thought ... you can't get something for nothing. But the weight has just come off ... effortlessly. But then I realized how much it means to stop eating SAD. When I go to the grocery store instead of the Farmer's Market, it really saddens me to see the "food" products of SAD. It's all just empty calories and sugar ... everywhere, everything. It really blows my mind.

    Besides the obvious change I can see and feel in my body (loose clothes, better sleep, intensely vivid dreams, loads of energy), my blood pressure has been dropping. My physician has been categorizing me as pre-hypertensive with BP in the range of 130/90 for the past few years. My reading last week was 116/85.

    First month was a huge success and now onwards!

    Starting weight 7/21/14 - 272 lb / Current Weight - 252 lb / Goal Weight - 220 lb

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    Keep it up! You'll be glad you did!

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