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    What to do with my conventionally farmed chicken stock and skins

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    I just made 10 lbs of nearly paleo pulled chicken for a club party. The only non-paleo or grey area item is the conventionally farmed chicken. Since I was using club funds, I would not have been able to keep in budget for the dish otherwise. I now have a pint and a half of homemade chicken stock from cooking in a crock pot and a pound or two of skin.

    The question is do I eat it or not?

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    make soup then eat it or give it to a friend/loved one so they'll eat it
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    the junk in conventional meat is in the fat. cool the stock so the fat congeals at the top and chuck that. then make soup or enjoy as bone broth.

    toss the skin or crisp, salt and eat as a guilty pleasure.
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    An abused CAFO animal will first get "sick" in its liver so that's important to distinguish, but the lean muscles and cartilage are mostly indistinguishable.

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