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Thread: Elimination questions after three days clean

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    Elimination questions after three days clean

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    I have adapted this lifestyle for 4 years however over the course of last 18 months some sugarsy sweets have been in and out of my life and this week I decided the extra 10 lbs I gained over this time and general feeling of sluggishness is not worth it and went clean three days ago.
    I am eliminating 2 to 3 times a day last two days in looser form. Usual habit is 1x a day and very formed.
    Is this my body cleansing itself? Would like to hear from others as it is making me worry for some reason.

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    could be a change in gut flora. are you eating more fats all of a sudden?
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    I've noticed a similar thing, I'm 5 days of no sugar (not that I ate much) and my stools are more loose and frequent. noodletoy may be on to something with the gut flora hypothesis.
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    I do not believe so, my means have been pretty low fat with the exception to some butter. I do not eat beef, chicken or poultry. Just fish and seafood. All fruits and veggies and typically a one serving of nuts.

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