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Thread: Alternative for breading - a Tip page

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    Alternative for breading - a Tip

    Primal Fuel
    I don't know if this is common knowledge amongst primal eating folks, but I tried for substituting breading today.

    Took a pound of chicken breast, cut the breasts so you could fold it open. Then I put ham and some cheese onto it, fold it back together and secured it with toothpicks, to create a chicken cordon bleu , basically.

    Now for the "breading":

    I took a food processor and put some pork rinds in it. Processed it, till they became small crumbles / dust. Poured it on a plate.

    Put two small eggs in a bowl, some spices (pepper, salt, ground bellpepper, what you like), then mixed it all up.

    Then I took the cordon bleus, tossed them in the eggs, tossed them in the processed pork rinds (cover them fully by sprinkling the dust all over the meat) and after that, put them in a hot pan with already molten butter.

    Fried the meat till it was done and the cheese was melted.

    It tasted pretty good, it was crunchy and the pork rinds hadn't much of their own taste left. The next time I will probably season the fowl on the inside and outside, before putting it into the eggs. Or season the eggs more, to get a stronger taste from the breading.

    So, maybe someone didn't knew this "breading trick" and can benefit from my thread.

    Till next time,


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    I had resisted this idea (learned during my Atkins days) until about 2 weeks ago. I had tried all the "flours" (i.e. coconut, almond, etc) and they just didn't "taste right".

    When I finally decided to try it, I about kicked myself for not trying it sooner! I was very surprised, and even my non-primal son enjoyed the chicken (hell, he finished it off!).

    Pork Rinds will now ALWAYS be my go to for "fried chicken"!

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