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Thread: Has this way of eating helped your allergies?

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    Has this way of eating helped your allergies?

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    I've been Paleo/Primal for 10-11 weeks now. Except for a soy latte once a week, I was very strict in June (no grains, dairy, legumes), and I felt good - though honestly, I pretty much always feel good in June; it's my best month. I reintroduced dairy 2-3x/week in July; I seem to have no problem with plain yogurt, but milk and cheese sometimes - but not always - give me mild headaches or diarrhea. Still trying to figure what exactly affects me and what doesn't. I also eat rice or two slices of gluten-free bread once a week. So overall, I think I'm doing really well. Lots of veggies, eggs, and meat, and little to no processed foods.

    The trouble is, my allergies are starting to act up again like they always do this time of year. I was hoping the diet would tame them a bit. :-( I'm allergic to pollen, ragweed, dust, and mold. I can't take any meds for the allergies this year because I realized this spring that it was the allergy meds that were either causing or contributing to the horrible chronic cough I had for three years. (The cough went away when I quit the meds this spring; same thing happened last fall.)

    I guess I can totally cut out dairy and see if that helps, but any other suggestions? Has this way of eating helped anyone's seasonal allergies?

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    Short answer, no. I've done whole 30, and elimination diets a couple of times and haven't seen any improvement. Every now and then I think I should cut out dairy again to see if it helps, why it should help now when it didn't help before IDK, just because so many people say it's helped them. W/o dairy I'd really have to work hard to get enough calories so I'm loathe to try.
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    I can't say Primal did it or just getting older, but my allergies have all but disappeared.
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    Absolutely. I had bad allergies and asthma as a kid, beginning when I was about three. It improved as I got older and was able to make my own food choices, but I still had issues with it at times - depending on many different variables such as air quality, environmental exposures, altitude, exercise, etc. - even after 10 years of those God awful desensitization shots. When I ditched grains, it seemed to be a thing of the past other than the occasional postnasal drip, tight chest and itchy ears and throat. Eventually, I played around with getting rid of dairy and soon realized that once I had gotten rid of both, I was completely asthma and allergy free. It's been a good couple of years since I made that discovery, which is more than enough motivation to stick to this woe for life - in addition to countless other major perks.
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    I started primal about 18 months ago. The first summer I was able to cut back on my allergy meds and this summer I have not had to take anything at all. I was one of those ones that took an antihistamine all year round and also a steriod nasal spray in the summer too- and I would still get symptoms. So great to go outside and not even have to think about it now.

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    I can't say if it was an allergy or not, but the skin of my back used to be inflamed, covered with red spots and sometimes small pimples. Showering, exfoliating, etc, did dick to this condition. I thought I was reacting to dust mites or some weirdo reason like that ...

    After 2 years of clean diet and lots of bone broth (collagen, gelatin), sunshine, gentler cooking method, boost of resistant starches, prebiotics, blabble babble, my skin is amazing. My wife can't help to make a comment every time she sees me naked. I like that

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    I live down in Georgia where the pollen is so thick sometimes it comes off the grass in clouds. Every March I would get dizzy spells from the pollen, stuffy nose, tired, lethargic, feel like I was getting a cold etc etc. Since cutting out wheat (as well as a lot of other processed junk), I haven't had to take an antihistamine or had those symptoms (it's been three years maybe?)

    When I do mow in the spring (yard and pastures), I will use a neti pot when I'm finished. That really helps wash all the gunk (pollen, dust) out of my sinuses. I don't wake up with a swollen face!

    If you are sensitive to dairy, even one serving can mess up your sinuses.

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    Here in Ohio's Sinus Valley (Miami River Valley) the seasonal allergies are really bad. The second week of August marks the kick off for fall allergies, my nose used to run a continuous stream, sinus headaches, back of throat itched like crazy. I had taken allergy shots, various prescription and non prescription meds - no help.

    I'm starting year 3 of Primal. I was just 1 month into Primal when allergy season started in yr.1 -- Allergies were out in force but I thought it was a mild season compared to prior years. Last year I had virtually no problems, and this year I'm down to the cheapest antihistimine available and have only taken one so far this season, to fix a sinus headache. I had no symptoms at all during spring season. has good tracking/forecast of what your area has in store.

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    I used to have to take Benadryl twice daily during allergy season for the last 10 years or so. Really bad reactions to grass, cats, dust etc. red swollen eyes, sneezing the whole deal :-(
    Switched to Primal 18 months ago and the difference in my seasonal allergy symptoms is amazing. Last year I only used Benadryl maybe 4/5 times all season. This season I have not felt the need to take anything at all.
    I'm thinking it's the elimination of grains that made the difference.

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    I have a seasonal allergy that started 2 years after moving to Florida. It happens from the first week of December to the first week of April. It sucks because that is prime hiking season. The only time I had complete relief was when I tried Atkins ketosis induction, which meant under 20 g of carbs per day. That was in 2001. That was also the time I realized I was sensitive to wheat. Nowadays I eat no wheat or dairy, but I'm not low-carb. My allergies are less of a problem and I only have to take claritin once a week or so.
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