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    ... by the time a mattress is 10 years old - it is about 25% heavier than when new due to it being full of dust mites & dead skin cells etc etc

    I think this bit of "common knowledge" is true.

    +1 for the SleepNumber. The construction is such that this is not an issue. My mattress must weigh, hmm, maybe 10 pounds.

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    They're supposed to be replaced about that often anyway, right?
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    Many indigenous peoples of Central and South America have slept in hammocks. I've used one for the last 7 years for backpacking. I never carry a tent anymore, just a hammock and a tarp.

    The first reaction I get is "my back wouldn't tolerate that". Actually, in a Brazilian style hammock one sleeps on the diagonal, not nearly as much curvature as one might think. I can sleep on my back, side, and a number of positions in-between. It is impossible to sleep on your stomach in a hammock, which for me is a good thing.

    I sleep far better in my $100 hammock in the wilderness than I do in my $700 mattress in my house. It keeps me up off the ground, away from creeping things and critters, and dry when it rains. I'm sure one reason for the better sleep is the fresh air, exercise and the quiet sounds of the mountains. OTOH, my hammock is the most comfortable sleeping spot I have ever experienced. Sure beats sleeping on a pad on the cold, hard ground.

    Why don't I sleep on one at home? Its impossible for two people to sleep comfortably in a hammock.

    Anyway, consider a hammock. Its not Paleo, but they've been around a lot longer than a Sleep Number bed.

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    +1 to sleep on the back.

    I've scoliosis, ciphosis, and joint problems, and I trained myself to avoid sleeping in my side, because the curled cat position (mom dixit) was giving me shoulder pain.

    Furthermore, the best sleep has come in company of close-to-the-floor techniques, be it futon over tatami in Japan, futon over wood plank in China, or mattress on the floor in good ol' Europe. It just has to be thick enough so my hip doesn't get too close to the hard surface underneath - and good night.

    That being said, I really want to try a hammock. It's been on my list for some time now, after reading a bunch of articles a while ago... Just wondering how my family would react to that: so you eat tons of fruit, raw fish and beef, only drink water, and sleep on a hammock....... I think someone changed our baby with some human-cheetah crossing .

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    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    I always get back pain when trying to sleep on my back so it's fetal position on the right side with a pillow between my head and right arm.
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    I think Grok probably worked so hard during the day that he fell asleep in any position his body wanted. When I've been dead tired, I've plopped down in bed and fallen asleep however my body deemed comfortable. Generally, I go between my back and my side. If I'm on my side then I have a pillow or two under my head and a pillow between my legs. That helps me feel "aligned". I also have to be careful to draw my shoulder blades down, however, I sleep because some heavy weight lifting has caused some nerve impingement and my hands will go numb if I'm not careful. Fun.

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    I think it's normal and natural to toss and turn periodically.

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    Again, we're not trying to replicate the paleolithic era. There are some things we've made advances in since then.

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    It's interesting how many people said their chiropractor said to sleep on your back. After my car accident, mine instructed me to sleep on my side with a good pillow supporting my neck, and another pillow between my knees to keep from putting undue pressure on the lower spine.

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