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Thread: Yet another former veg (pescetarian)

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    Jul 2010

    Yet another former veg (pescetarian)

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    Hi all,

    I posted the thing on the introduce yourself thread, but figured I'd formally introduce myself.... I'm a 24 year old former veg from Philly (for about two years I ran the gamut from raw vegan to occasional fish) who has seen nothing but awesome changes while on this diet for the last two weeks. I had issues with weight gain, fatigue, acne and depression before starting this and I have been AMAZED at the results thus far. 10 pounds of weight loss, my skin is clear, I have almost too much energy, and my moods have stabilized a whole lot.

    Also, I dig watching the look on my lady friends' faces as I chow down an omelette with cheese and a side of bacon in my new, smaller pants And I REALLY liked throwing all that fake soy bacon in the trash. Yarf.

    Any other Philly PB'ers? Where do y'all go to food shop?

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    Apr 2010
    I went to school in philly. There was a nice supermarket on 40th and walnut, a whole foods on 8th and South, and a trader joes in RittenHouse I believe. There might be more now.

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    Kansas, USA
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    Not from Philly - but I am former veg, too. Welcome to the world without fake meats!

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