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Thread: Does primal/paleo eating have to be low carb?

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    I hate counting macros or calories and I'm too lazy to go looking, so could one of you carboholics briefly list the items consumed daily to hit 150 - 200 grams, please?

    Okay, I looked at yams. 30-40 grams in a cup. Add that to my typical 25 gram day and I still don't see how you get to 200? Lots of sweet fruit? At a point that is NOT primal. I'm not judging. I really don't give a hoot about carb consumption if they're primal carbs, I am just curious after using the -50 approach for weight loss.

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    I don't count carbs and I eat as much as I want, which includes plenty of fruits and sweet potatoes, taro, cassava etc almost every day. It has worked well for me so far, but I really have no idea whatsoever how many carbs I'm eating, it could be 100 or 200, maybe more. I also eat meat, fish, poultry, eggs and plenty of fat every day. I don't think paleo carbs are bad at all unless, possibly, you're diabetic or very insulin resistant.
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    Does primal/paleo eating have to be low carb?
    Depends on what carbs you are talking about and what do you understand by low carb. It also depends on your current health. If you are reasonably healthy, have a normal %body fat and no carb sensitivity yo would theoretically be able to gorge on good carbs while on paleo/primal and be fine.
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    Well, a pint of grapes will net you around 100g of carbs.

    I live in Canada, so i'm gonna go with the fruit in summer (when it's cheaper) and mostly stick with veg in the winter. I should fall into a natural high carb low carb cycle.
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    Lately, I have been so low carb, I am having trouble even HITTING 50 grams! Also have been not hungry, so eating has become a chore, but that is a different thread...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katt View Post
    I think that 150 grams of carbs is 'normal'. It's not that we eat low carb, it is that everyone else on SAD eats too many.
    I like the thought of that. Not sure if I am overestimating my carb intake using fitday but it's just an estimate from memory. My current intake could just be too low for me at the moment. Had lunch today with a little more carbs than usual and felt good (could be placebo lol). I think it is pretty tough to get to 100g/day through fruit and veg now I think about it. Even potatoes aren't that high in carbs! Tubers FTW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadRockstar View Post
    Personally I don't think it has to be no. In general the leaner you are, the more important the presence of carbs in your diet becomes.

    That said, I cycle carbs. Training days could be 200-250g with off days around 150g. There are both psychological and physiological benefits to carb and calorie cycling, so I think keeping things like that static/low is a mistake for an active and lean person.
    The idea of cycling interests me. I do fewer carbs than you because I am trying to lose some fat and I don't do heavy training. My thought has been to exercise without having had any carbs in order to burn fat. So, does anyone else do cycling?

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    No, I don't think it has to be low-carb. Otherwise how would athletes be paleo? Whatever suits your lifestyle.
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