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Thread: Hi everyone, I'm new to Paleo and I have a 50 mile run, some tips would be great

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    NP Ernst. I thought it was a fantastic link. I PM'd Pokiey with the link because I thought he started the thread...OOPS. I guess I should have PM'd you. If you liked that link there is also a book called Thrive. The guy is a Vegan athlete. Lots of recipes for energy food in there. Not totally primal but WAAYYY closer than anything you could buy and A LOT cheaper to make yourself.

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    Wow thanks man. I love reading books that can further improve my health and athleticism. You've been a gem, thanks so much.

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    I know you said you aren't worried about the distance, but as an avid endurance athlete, I'm concerned that you are asking what your pace should be and the race is only two months away. That distance calls for about a year of preparation.

    With that said, the general rule of thumb for a 50 miler is take your marathon time, double it, then add two hours. Only plan on 8 hours if you can currently qualify for Boston...

    As for the VFF's. As someone else mentioned, if you are accustomed to running in traditional shoes, you do not have time to prepare to run 50 in a pair of VFF. Your calves will be on fire a few miles in. Even Vibram says to give yourself time.

    Give yourself time. 50 miles is a noble goal, but not something to die over. Start training now and run that same race next year.

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