A little background.... my breasts have fluctuated size quite a bit during my adult life. I've been as large as 36DD, to as small as 34B. My breasts were largest when I was 18 to 20, weighing the least (119 pounds at 5'8") and smallest when I weighed in mid-130s. Although I've been as heavy as 143 and I was 34B. Also, I've never had a child.

Here's the deal: since early April 2010, I have lost 11 pounds (I am currently 132). The bulk of my weight loss has been across my generally already slender appearing upper body. Now, I look pretty thin across the shoulders, back, collar bone, abs are definitely getting some definition. BUT - my boobs are growing again, now a 34C. (OF COURSE I AM NOT COMPLAINING)

I'm just curious, at a time when I am losing weight particularly in my upper body, how are my breasts growing?

I'm wondering if my hormones weren't jacked on the SAD. My period was always uber regular but that's just one thing to monitor. Anyone know of or have experience with this WOE affecting your mammary glands, where fat is stored, hormonal changes?