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Thread: Back in the saddle again

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    Back in the saddle again

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    Hello everyone! I'm reintroducing myself after being away for a few months. My name is Annie and my husband, Scott, is in the Navy. We just moved from Georgia to Washington state. The trip included about 8 weeks in hotels, staying with family, and celebrating birthdays and weddings galore, not to mention the on the road time and all that eating out.

    Before that craziness, I'd been living primally for about 2 months. Long enough to know it felt good and I couldn't wait to get back into it. Scott had been eating primally for even less time, just a few weeks, before he headed off to eat galley food and drink beers with the guys. We both had had plenty of feeling like crud and not sleeping or eating or playing according to our schedules...we're glad to be settling into our new home and getting back to being primal!

    Hope to be on again soon and often to gain all the support and knowledge I can!

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    Welcome back! Once you get a taste of it, you have to have more.

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